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There's A Spider In This Book


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There's A Spider In This Book Reviews | Toppsta


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23rd October '18
I read it to Connoradamson aged 4 aged 4
There's A Spider In This Book 9781509838332
5 stars
Connor absolutely loves this book! He loves finding Eric on every page. Connor found this book very exciting and he's also asked if we can read it again (straight after!) 
10th October '18
I read it to alex1 aged 4 aged 4 & to anthonty1 aged 4 aged 4
There's A Spider In This Book 9781509838332
5 stars
My 4 year old twins love this book, they enjoyed meeting Eric the spider and reading about his misadventures. I also enjoy reading this story to them, the illistrations  are bright and engaging with lots going to look at and discuss on ever page. A firm family favorite.
15th October '18
I read it myself (an adult)
There's A Spider In This Book 9781509838332
5 stars
A great sized book for group reading  as well as just one child. the graphics and story are excellent. It was as nice twist of having sympathy for the spider as well as the thrill of looking for him. Even the scaredest spider hunter will enjoy this book  and can seeing  it being a book  read  over and over again.
11th October '18
Elijah B. read it themselves aged 6 aged 6
There's A Spider In This Book 9781509838332
5 stars
This big, bright, colourful book totally engaged Elijah while he enjoyed his after school snack at the dining table. I'd asked him to read it aloud but he sat quietly reading to himself & slowly turning the pages. I was thinking maybe not enough text for a good reader of 6....until "There you are Eric!" burst out of his mouth, complete with a dribble of banana milk which luckily missed the book. This funny story with its wonderful illustrations, (oh, the expressions on Fluffy's face) is a gem.
Thank you Toppsta for our free copy, we love it.
Over a month later I've noticed this book is still regularly in use as a favourite book at bedtime. Elijah says he loves looking at the silly pictures & notices different things each time, as he doesn't always want too many words to read when he's tired.
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