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Four 12-year old girls from different countries meet as room-mates at a prestigious international summer camp for young scientists in California. The camp is sponsored by Vance Tech - one of the world's biggest tech companies. Despite having a love of maths and science in common, the girls view each other as competitors - a big prize for the best invention will be awarded at the end of the camp. As they take part in exciting and aspirational experiments, the girls begin to realise that they are actually guinea pigs themselves! The biometric ID bracelets that they were given at the beginning of the camp are actually monitoring THEM!

The girls realise that Vance Tech is working on a new biometric product that could actually control the wearer by releasing hormones to influence their behaviour. The implications are mind-blowing - and highly sinister! The girls form a secret organisation called G.E.M.S. (standing for Girls Excelling at Maths and Science - and also their initials!) and use their STEM smarts to thwart Sterling Vance's evil plan before their time at science camp is up!

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This is Book 1 in the Marie Curious, Girl Genius Series. See all Marie Curious, Girl Genius books here.

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