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The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity Book
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The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity Book


The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity Book Reviews | Toppsta

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The ten twinkly lights in this beautifully illustrated book bring the story of the nativity to life for little children. From a shining angel to the sparkling star the wise men follow, the lights create a unique and enchanting retelling of the story of the very first Christmas.

The Twinkly Twinkly Nativity Book Reviews | Toppsta


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About Roisin Hahessy

Roisin has always had a great passion for drawing and illustration. After graduating from animation college in Dublin, she spent a number of years working in television graphics and in 2015 she relocated to a city in southern Brazil and has been able to focus a lot more on drawing and illustration, which is what makes her happiest.

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