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A wonderful new story starring old friends and new from the much-beloved Victorian world of Hetty Feather.

Rose Rivers lives in a beautiful house with her artist father, her difficult, fragile mother and her many siblings.

She has everything money can buy - but she's not satisfied.

Why can't she be sent away to a good school like her twin brother?

Why can't she learn to become a famous artist like her father or his friend Paris Walker?

Why is life so unfair for people who were not born rich?

When a young girl, Clover Moon, joins the household as a nursemaid to Rose's troubled sister Beth, Rose finds a true friend for the first time and she starts to learn more about the world outside.

Will Rose finally achieve her dreams? And will she be able to help Clover find her own dream?


Beautifully illustrated by Nick Sharratt, Rose Rivers is a brilliant new addition to Hetty Feather's world, by the award-winning and bestselling Jacqueline Wilson.

Rose Rivers Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 8 in the Hetty Feather Series. See all Hetty Feather books here.

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19th August '18
I read it to bookworm2007 aged 10 aged 10
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I loved this book because it is right up my street. I love Victorian  fiction tales and this is definitely one of them. This is my second favorite book i have ever read after wave me goodbye by the the same  author- jaqueline wilson. The main character was Rose and she is a really lovely character. She dosnt have any friends but throughout the book she makes some unbreakable friendships but she might not know it. Rupert is her older brother and he is quite selfish and thinks himself amazing. I really enjoyed this book i would reccomend it for hetty feather fans like me.
17th January '19
Jumping jack1 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
This is a Mum review of this book. Rose Rivers starts off brilliantly and is incredibly inticing to read. My little one has been enjoying it and learning about the  Victorian way of life simultaneously which is a win-win.

I would definitely recommend it for 7+ year olds. 
17th June '18
Bee read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I loved this book. Rose Rivers is wonderful.
23rd May '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to Sindy aged 10 aged 10
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I have been waiting for a whole year for this book to to come out and when it finally came I bought it straight away. I could NOT put it down! It was AMAZING!!! The only thing I would change about it is it to be much longer. It ended on a really big cliffhanger. I seriously hope there is another sequal!
6th July '18
I read it to Issy aged 7 aged 7
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
We have enjoyed reading this book together. I like that there are some facts about the Victorian era in the back of the book. The main character Rose has a passion for learning, something I hope will help inspire the children reading it. We are keen to know what the future holds for Rose, so fingers crossed there is going to be another book!
16th July '18
Gemwal read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I really enjoyed reading Rose Rivers. It is an amazing book which I couldn’t put down and the ending surprised me a lot. I was really happy with the ending and I would love to hear about the new challenges she faces in a new book. One of the characters I despised was Nurse Budd and her evil ways but I found other characters Alfie and Clarke very mischievous in ways unimaginable. Sebastian was a character I adored because of his faith in everything living. I brilliant book and I would love to read a follow up to it. 
11th September '18
I read it myself aged 11 aged 11
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I am not usually a huge Jaqueline Wilson fan, however I really enjoyed this particular book and felt I was within its grip until the very end. Rose is a great character and I admire her determination throughout the whole book - even when life gets tough she never gives up. Like so many other readers have mentioned, this book DOES end on a cliffhanger and I agree with all on the hope that there will be a worthy sequel.
30th March '18
I read it to Topprincess aged 10 aged 10
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
We have this as a review copy which we are reading together, but I have skipped on and finished it on my own. I have not always been a big fan of Jacqueline Wilson but Opal Plumstead changed my mind and this book is of the same high standard. Appealing perhaps more strongly to girls, it is another historical fiction which perfectly matches description, characterisation and story-telling and grips the reader. One to borrow or buy - you will not be disappointed. 
26th May '18
Lswise read it themselves aged 13 aged 13
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I'm a huge Jacqueline Wilson fan and was excitedly anticipating her new book because I enjoyed all her other historical novels. It did not disappoint my expectation! The characters were realistic and had some modern views on society which made for an interesting concept. I hope that she writes another book and makes it into a series as it finished on a bit of a cliffhanger.
14th April '18
Belllboo read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I love this book and I have loved all of them in the series. I was so glad to get this book before my friends. 
19th June '18
Mads1811 read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
I love Jacqueline Wilson books and this was no exception. I’m quite interested in history at the moment so adore historical fiction, I’m so excited to see if there’s another as the book ended on a cliff hanger
22nd April '18
EH read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
When Rose's brother Rupert goes to school, Rose really wants to go too. However this book is set in Victorian times and girls don't go to school! She travels to visit her grandparents but it doesn't all go her way. She does something naughty, and as a consequence she is sent to boarding school.

I enjoyed this book very much and recommend it to people who enjoy the victorian era. The section at the back on Victorian facts and ideas is very interesting
2nd August '18
I read it myself (an adult)
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
You should read Clover Moon and Hetty Feather's Christmas before this one if possible!

Rose is a young girl in a wealthy family whom loves studying and wishes to go to school more than anything but instead her twin brother Rupert gets to go.

All when her father encourages her drawing and his friend Paris
a painter also, encourages her she can't help but fall a little for Paris as he's older but shows her attention. As Paris is commissioned to paint a portrait of her mother, Rose gets the chance to spend time with him where he encourages her greatly. She discovers she is a talented comedy sketch artist where as painting isn't her forte.

She knows her father is also a talented artist though he once had a love whom posed for a portrait which her mother detests.

Beth her youngest sister loves dolls and her father meets Clover Moon there and takes her on as Beth's and the other children's nursery maid. They also have Hetty for Christmas as Sarah Smith comes to Christmas dinner with them too.

When the family get to go to Scotland for hogmanay many things happen, as nurse Budd feeds Beth a cordial to supposedly calm her this the bottle is emptied too quick and a doctor is needed...

While when Paris has good news for Rose about her comedy sketches, things get misinterpreted and her family leave without her...

What will happen to Rose Rivers next?

I truly enjoyed this latest offering from Jacqueline but did feel the book could be shorter however the story was full of the usual childish antics from her siblings. I did like the fact that Rose was a young girl with a crush on an older man as it can happen that we fall for someone we can't actually have and especially the way they get caught could've caused catastrophe for a Victorian family if what supposedly happened had truly happened!

A tale about unrequited crushes,  women wanting an education and artistry!
19th June '18
Chloe read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
My ten year old niece has not put this book down! It has really hooked her in and captured her imagination! She enjoys reading Jaqueline Wilson books and she was desperate for this book “it’s brilliant I want to read it again already”. I’m really pleased with this Toppsta giveaway - thank you :)
5th June '18
I read it myself (an adult)
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
My daughter's just started to read this book and she's definitely hooked on! She can't put it down - she loves Jacqueline Wilson's books since she discovered them at school's library! She's very excited that the main character Rose loves drawing and reading - just like she does.I love historical fiction and books about strong girls who can be a great inspiration! I love Jacqueline's style of writing - be aware -  when you start you can't stop to read it! I highly recommend this book!
21st May '18
Giggle read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
5 stars
This book is amazing! It is now my favourite book of all time and I am so glad I got it. Rose is a girl who comes from a rich family and gets everything a young lady would want. But she hates her life. She is a great character and a I like how she would prefer to have her brothers life. I was excited when Hetty feather and Clover made an appearance because they are my other favourite characters. My favourite part in this book was when Miss Smith came over for Christmas. I loved this book and would definitely recommend to Jaqueline Wilson fans or anyone who just wants to give it a go. Age 10 or 11 plus.
7th November '18
Graceclark read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
4 stars
Grace enjoyed this book. She couldn’t put it down. It fitted in with her current topic at school too (Victorians) 

I hope it has a sequel as it ends on a bit of a cliffhanger!!!

Would recommend for children 8-12 
25th August '18
I read it to Pine Martens aged 7 to 8
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
4 stars
Im always slightly wary of Jacqueline Wilson books but this one has changed my mind slightly! I chose to read it with some children in my year 3 class as it fitted in with our Victorian’s topic. It is definitely more suitable for girls, they loved it and wanted to keep on reading even when we ran out of time for the day! 
30th August '18
alexia read it themselves aged 11 aged 11
Rose Rivers 9780857535160
2 stars
This book in my opinion wasn't amazing.
If you're a Jacqueline Wilson fan you probably will enjoy.
The main character is about a girl named Rose Rivers she has a twin brother and five younger siblings three girls and two boys.
Rose is living a great life until somethin surprising happens!
I would recommend for the age 10+
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