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'You look as if you've seen a ghost!'

Jade is so used to living in the shadow of Vicky, her loud, confident best friend, that when a tragic accident occurs, she can hardly believe that Vicky's no longer around. But Vicky's a sparky girl who's not going to let a small thing like being dead stop her from living life to the full! Whether Jade is in lessons, out running or tentatively trying to make new friends, Vicky is determined to make her presence felt . . .

Vicky Angel Reviews | Toppsta


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7th June '17
Mae-mae read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Vicky Angel 9780440867807
5 stars
Summer-Mae enjoyed this book. It had a very emotional storyline to it.
In the words of an 8 year old:
Vicky is a cheeky character. She can be naughty, but always has her friends backs.
My favourite part of the story is where Vicky finally turns into an angel. She is free from the ghost world.

This is one of my favourite books I have read.
25th October '16
SassyJ read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Vicky Angel 9780440867807
5 stars
 This book is sad but I loved is the story of a girl named Jade whose best friend dies in a car crash it gives us a first person insight on how she struggles to deal with grieving and how she is confused and angry. Life isn't what it used to be and Jade struggles to make friends as she feels as if Vickys spirit is holding her back. I love this book because it is simplistic and imaginative for junior readers to understand. Likewise it also features an uplifting ending as it demonstrates that even though Vicky is gone the burden of guilt is lifted of off Jades chest with is simply touching.
27th February '17
Giggle read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Vicky Angel 9780440867807
4 stars
I am a massive J.W. fan and this book was awesome. I like that Jane is quite quiet but she is BEST FRIENDS with the most loud bouncy energetic girl in school. My favourite girl character was definitely Victoria (Vicky) because in the story she dies and turns into a ghost that haunts Jane. And my favourite boy character, probably biscuits, He's funny and always looks at the bright side of things. Even though Jane is imagining Vicky she can still get under Jane's skin. I think my favourite part was when ghost Vicky makes Jane say horrible things to Vicky two (another Vicky in the school) and Biscuits (the boy who loves food and also appears in three other J.W. books) 

I really enjoyed this book and I will definitely be re-reading soon. I would recommend to ages 9 plus. I think younger would find it too sad and confusing to understand it properly.
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