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Meet Violet Remy-Robinson, an amateur Sherlock Holmes in the making...
Uncle Johnny has invited Violet and her friends to spend the summer with him on a sailing adventure around Europe and Violet couldn't be more excited! But when she suspects that the captain of a boat nearby might be up to no good, Violet needs to put her detective skills into action... could he be the head of a smuggling ring?
A beautiful package complete with two-colour illustrations throughout from Becka Moore. Perfect for fans of Dixie O'Day , Ottoline and Goth Girl .

Violet and the Smugglers Reviews | Toppsta


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10th October '18
I read it myself (an adult)
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
5 stars
With two solved mysteries under their belts Violet and her friends are always on the lookout for wrong doing wherever they go. So when Violet's Uncle Johnny invites them on a sailing adventure you know it won't be long before they find themselves in the middle of another crime. Our young friends might have bitten off more than they can chew this time, when they find themselves caught up in a smuggling ring and they don't know who they can trust. Their plans are constantly thwarted by well meaning grown ups who don't think children should get mixed up in dangerous crimes but unable to resist they are determined to find out who is the ringleader. Harriet has a brilliant ability to allow the reader to feel like they have been whisked away on these adventures, we are given a real sense of the place. I particularly love the celebration of the joys of Italy in the wonder of Violet and the huge variety of ice-cream flavours available, these are the kind of nuggets that fascinate children. A little bit more dangerous and thrilling than previous adventures, our friends are really put to the test in the complex and exciting case.
7th March '16
I read it to chicken aged 6 aged 6
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
5 stars
Delightful book to read to my Grand Daughter. Nice & grown up. Uncle Johnny the main character resembles her Grandfather of the same name & also has a boat & they can now go looking for Pirate boats like Violet, another little girl in the story. Like Violet, Kizzy is always looking for adventure & making up stories, so it is a perfect read full of adventure.
19th May '16
ECon read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
5 stars
My son was really excited to receive this in a giveaway. He's 7 and it's just about at the right reading level for him, barring a few Italian words here and there which took a bit of getting used to (although I think he liked that they were there as it made the whole thing feel more grown-up). He's enjoyed the story and been able to read it pretty well himself which is good. There's quite a lot of complexity to the story so a younger child might not be able to follow it all but my son has enjoyed it and appreciated the slightly more grown-up theme of smuggling which has made it more exciting. Because it's nearly 200 pages and he's reading it himself it's taken him quite a while - this is the first longer book he's read himself as opposed to having it read to him. I'd say this would suit 7-10 year olds at least.
9th May '16
BBear07 read it themselves aged 8 aged 8
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
5 stars
I liked that they went in a boat and this was the setting at the start, and all the different places they visited. I liked how it all fell into place at he end - it was a great storyline!! 
I understand that the smugglers are naughty but I liked how they did their exchanges it was funny.
The characters are frequent throughout the storyline so you got to know them well, my favourite character was violet. 
The book has fantastic illustrations my favourite chatacter illustration is Elaner. The illustrations are all black, white and violet in colour, I loved this idea!  This book is beautifully bound, it's hardback and has golden details all over it, this is one of my favourite books and I will treasure it forever thank you! 
3rd October '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to Nay-Nay aged 1 aged 1
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
5 stars
Violet and the Mystery of the Smugglers’ by Harriet Whitehorn and illustrated by Becka Moor is the the third installment in this delightful sleuth series of adventures. On her latest voyage we see Violet set off on a sailing trip around Europe with her family, Uncle Johnny and her best friends Rose and Art. But it’s not long before they find themselves caught up in a mystery. They begin to wonder if the Captain of the neighbouring ship Mr Jolly may be mixed up in something very illegal. Mysterious packages, meetings in the dead of night and strange exchanges lead the children to suspect that Mr Jolly is involved in a secret smuggling ring which works around Europe. Will they be able to discover just what is going on and who is behind it before it’s too late?
Just like it’s 2 predecessors this book is superbly crafted and a total joy to behold. It is funny and beautifully written and just like her previous adventures, I was totally swept up in Violet’s crime solving adventure. The stunning illustrations by Becka Moor and the attention to detail the book has with maps, insights into favourite ice creams all help to conjure up Violet’s world into the readers imagination. You really feel like you are taken on a journey through Venice and can really soak up the atmosphere. It really is a delight to read! The beautiful, and now almost trademark palette of violet, black, grey and white throughout the pages and the stunning cover make this book so appealing to readers of every kind.
As the third installment in this series goes, it is a fab read and I am so enjoying this series, can’t recommend it highly enough,... Looking forward to the fourth Installment. 
5⭐️ Read
3rd April '16
livvy read it themselves aged 10 aged 10
Violet and the Smugglers 9781471122637
4 stars
I liked that the story was set in different places as it made the story more interesting. I didn't like the part where they went sailing as I wanted the story to move on faster. The opera singer was a good character as she wasn't what she seemed and I liked violets character as she is very adventurous like her parents. I really enjoyed the story and would read another violet story.
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About Harriet Whitehorn

Harriet Whitehorn grew up in London, where she still lives with her husband and three daughters. She has studied at Reading University, the Architectural Association and The Victoria and Albert Museum and has always worked in building conservation. She currently works for English Heritage. Violet and the Pearl of the Orient was her first children's book and...

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Becka Moor is a children's book illustrator and storyteller living in Manchester. She studied illustration for children's publishing at Glyndwr University, graduating in 2012. Since then, she has worked on a variety of fiction books and series as well...

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