The Brilliant World of Tom Gates
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The Brilliant World of Tom Gates


The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Reviews | Toppsta

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The first book in the bestselling Tom
Gates series of books from the brilliantly talented
Liz Pichon.
Tom Gates is the master of excuses for late homework: dog
attacks - spilt water - lightning...

Tom's exercise book is full of his doodles, cartoons
and thoughts, as well as comments from his long-suffering teacher,
Mr Fullerton.
After gaining five merits for his CAMPING
SUCKS holiday story, Tom's work starts to go
downhill - which is a pity, as he's desperate to impress
Amy Porter, who sits next to him...

Tom Gates is a series of books in diary form

Full of Tom's doodles and pictures & his amazing
sense of humour
The Brilliant World of Tom Gates, was the
winner of the Roald Dahl Funny Prize!
Perfect gifts for boys & girls who love to laugh themselves
Brilliant World of Tom Gates (book 1)
Tom Gates: Excellent Excuses (And Other Good Stuff)
(book 2)
Tom Gates: Everything's Amazing (sort of) (book3)
Tom Gates: Genius Ideas (mostly) (book 4)
Tom Gates is Absolutely Fantastic (at some things) (book
Tom Gates: Extra Special Treats (not) (book 6)
Tom Gates: A Tiny Bit Lucky (book 7)
Tom Gates:Yes! No. (Maybe...) (book 8)
Tom Gates: Top of the Class (Nearly) (book 9)
Tom Gates: Super Good Skills (Almost...) (book
Tom Gates: DogZombies Rule (For now...) (book 11)
Tom Gates: : Family, Friends and Furry Creatures (book
Tom Gates: Epic Adventure (kind of) (book 13)
Tom Gates: Biscuits, Bands and Very Big Plans (book
Tom Gates: What Monster? (book 15)
Tom Gates: Mega Make and Do and Stories Too! (book
Tom Gates: The Music Book

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9781407120690
  • Pub Date: 4th April 2011
  • Publisher: Scholastic
  • Imprint: Scholastic
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 256

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When Liz was little, she loved to draw, paint and make things. Her mum used to say she was very good at making a mess (which is still true today!). She kept drawing and went to art school, where she earned a degree in graphic design. She worked as a designer and art director in the music industry, and her freelance work has appea

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