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Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo?


Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? Reviews | Toppsta

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Lily and Blue Kangaroo - a friendship forever!A heartwarming story featuring Lily and her much-loved toy, Blue Kangaroo, from award-winning, renowned illustrator, Emma Chichester Clark.Lily loves Blue Kangaroo, but she often loses him and sometimes Blue Kangaroo wonders if he'll ever see her again. Luckily, Lily always seems to find him, but what if one day she doesn't?

Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? Reviews | Toppsta

  • ISBN: 9780007109968
  • Pub Date: 2nd July 2001
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Imprint: HarperCollins
  • Format: Paperback
  • Number of Pages: 32

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10th November '16
I read it to SophieKelly aged 3 aged 3
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
5 stars
Lily takes her blue kangaroo toy out to various places and manages to nearly lose him every time. This story resonates with my 3.5yr old who is similarly careless with her toy dog that ventures everywhere with us. The book has helped our daughter appreciate why I prefer her to keep her dog at home! She loves pointing out where the kangaroo is hiding / lost in the pictures and is quite animated at telling Lily she is about to lose her friend !! Lovely book. 
19th January '17
I read it to Rubiroo aged 4 aged 4
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
5 stars
This is the first book that introduces lily and blue kangaroo they have such a great friendship which my daughter could completely understand as she feels the same away about her toys. Lovely story with great illustrations about their days out and about.
21st October '16
I read it to sashet01 aged 2 aged 2
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
5 stars
Great book, after reading it a few times my daughter now says the 'where are you blue kangaroo? ' line and the pictures showed the story really well.
25th March '17
I read it to Amelie aged 4 aged 4
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
4 stars
This is a sweet story about a little girl Lily and her favourite toy, Blue Kangaroo.  Lily takes along Blue Kangaroo on all her adventures and days out and keeps forgetting to pick him up...after a few stressful searches she keeps finding him.  But then Blue Kangaroo gets a bit nervous about being lost again so hides.  After a long search will Lily find him!?
This is an enchanting tale of a little girl and her favourite toy which is so like my daughter with her monkey...along the fear of loosing him.  
Beautiful illustrations and a journey of emotions (which all turns out ok in the end).  My daughter really enjoyed this book.
23rd April '16
I read it to Christopher_Thor aged 5 aged 5 & to Adam_Barry aged 3 aged 3
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
4 stars
Very cute book, beautiful illustrations and a lovely story all in all. I read this to our 5 and almost 4 year old boys and especially the younger one has requested it to be read few times since we picked it up. Older boy wasn't that keen but it's probably because the main character is a little girl. I think this would be a very good book to read for those still expecting a younger sibling or have just had one.
24th April '16
I read it to LewisT aged 2 aged 2
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
4 stars
I thought it was a lovely book about a girl who has a sibling, the illustrations were beautiful - I was just a bit freaked out about the kangaroo being alive... 
22nd April '16
I read it to Lhallquist aged 4 aged 4
Where Are You, Blue Kangaroo? 9780007109968
3 stars
The illustrations are lovely and the description of life with a new sibling is accurate (my daughter recently became a big sister). My daughter engaged with the book but became a little concerned by the part of the book at which the little girl became sad that she was not doing a good job of being a big sister. I thought the book was successful in explaining that it isn't easy being a big sister, however the introduction of the blue kangaroo didn't necessarily help the little girl become a good big sister - the story was left a little open ended.
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Emma Chichester Clark is an award-winning illustrator and author who has published over 60 books including her best selling series of picture books about a child's toy called Blue Kangaroo

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