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The Queen and Mr Brown: A Day for Dinosaurs


The Queen and Mr Brown: A Day for Dinosaurs Reviews | Toppsta

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Join Britain's much-admired monarch on one of her rare days-off, as she and her loveable pet corgi Mr Brown enjoy an action packed adventure at London's Natural History Museum. On a grey, gloomy and unbearably miserable day, the two friends go in search of dinosaurs. Armed with sandwiches and biscuits they encounter immense skeletons, huge teeth and a thigh bone as big as Her Majesty. There are aliens from outer space and some smelly dinosaur dung too! After so much exploring it is no surprise when they both fall asleep - which is when the real excitement begins! Can The Queen manage to ride a mighty Megalosaurus? Who will win the Ascot Dinosaur Derby? Will Mr Brown make it back safely to his warm basket in the palace? Beautifully illustrated and affectionately told, the book is great to read aloud and is also highly suited to encourage children to read on their own. With lots of facts about how dinosaurs lived and why they all disappeared, The Queen and Mr Brown is a delightful tale of two close friends and their eventful day with the dinosaurs.

The Queen and Mr Brown: A Day for Dinosaurs Reviews | Toppsta


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23rd August '17
I read it to eric_ aged 4 aged 4
The Queen and Mr Brown: A Day for Dinosaurs 9780565093259
5 stars
Very interesting story! The Queen and her dog go out in quite miserable weather to visit the Natural History Museum. They go and see all the different dinosaurs in the museum. The queen then falls asleep and has a very interesting dream: she is racing in Ascot on a dinosaur! Quite fun! There's some humour for all ages. It's just a shame that Dippy isn't in the Natural History Museum anymore...
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