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Minnow on the Say


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It's a great discovery. Right there, at the bottom of the garden, bobbing on the river, is a canoe. The Minnow. David can't help wishing he could keep her . . .

The Minnow leads him to Adam, and an extraordinary summer begins. Armed with a mysterious, ancient clue, the two boys set out along the river by boat. They're determined to find the legendary lost treasure, hidden by one of Adam's ancestors hundreds of years before.
But they are not the only people looking for treasure, and soon they are caught in a dangerous race against time . . .

Minnow on the Say Reviews | Toppsta


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About Philippa Pearce

Philippa Pearce was born in 1920 and spent her childhood in Great Shelford, south of Cambridge, where her father was a flour-miller. The village and the river that ran by the mill played a large part in shaping her stories, especially Minnow on the Say and Tom's Midnight Garden. For most of her adult life she lived within a few yards of her childhood home....

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