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How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg


How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg Reviews | Toppsta

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A terrific environmental escapade from acclaimed author
Emma Shevah!
'A truly excellent eco-adventure.' M. G. Leonard
This story isn't just about birds. It's about secrets, the seaside,
how seagulls can trick worms into thinking it's raining.
It's about mucus, fudge and dogs needing a wide variety of sniffs.
But if you want the simple version, it's about what happened here
last summer. How a girl called Ivy and a boy called Nathaniel
solved a mystery and saved the world's animals: one at a time ...

A brand new topical and heartfelt middle grade adventure
from the critically acclaimed writer of Dream on, Amber
and Dara Palmer's Major Drama.
A terrific positive-action mystery in the wake of Greta
Thunberg - perfect for eco-aware young readers!

How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg Reviews | Toppsta


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Age 13

About Emma Shevah

Emma Shevah is Thai and Irish (which probably makes her Thairish), and was born and raised in London. She has lived and travelled in many countries but now lives in Brighton with half of her four children, their speedy baby tortoise and a kamikaze hamster. Emma is the author of three middle-grade novels, runs the Literary Club at New York University in Londo

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