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Tales from Christmas Wood Activity Book


Tales from Christmas Wood Activity Book Reviews | Toppsta

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Christmas wood is full of animals: Badger, Fidgety Fox, Owl (not Wise Old Owl, just Owl), the Rabbit family, Tiny Mouse, and Robin. Tales from Christmas Wood follows the animals as they get ready to celebrate with their friends - now with this companion activity book little ones can join in with the adventure! Includes simple puzzles and games, colouring and sticker fun. There is even a recipe for gingerbread! You can have plenty of fun in the run up to Christmas, just like these furry friends.

Tales from Christmas Wood Activity Book Reviews | Toppsta


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29th December '16
I read it to Alexandra aged 4 aged 4
Tales from Christmas Wood Activity Book 9780745976945
5 stars
Tales from Christmas Wood was one of the favourite books of my daughter! This Christmas I surprised her with Activity Book and she loves it! As you can imagine she requested to read all the stories again (which was actually a pleasure:)) and then she was ready for activities. Her favourite one was making her own snowflakes and bookmarks! The illustrations in the book are adorable, full of colour and they really get you into Christmas mood.
23rd December '16
I read it to Rugrats aged 4 to 7
Tales from Christmas Wood Activity Book 9780745976945
4 stars
'Tales from Christmas Wood' was my 3-year old son's favourite book over last winter. The stories and illustrations were beautifully engaging, and the messages such as tolerance, sharing, friendship, feeling lost but being found, hope, and of course, the Christmas story, were wonderfully brought to life in a superbly age-accessible style. My now 4-year old son remembers the book with glee (well, it wasn't until the summer that I could tear him away from the stories!) and has cheerfully engaged in this activity book's rich variety of things to do - it has puzzles, craft and stickers which are totally appropriate to his age and interests, giving us lots of nice one-to-one moments, and is our 'go-to' book for those interludes in restaurants etc when he needs a five- minute filler until the next event. I think you would struggle to get a sense of enjoyment from the activities unless you knew the stories from the original book, and the one improvement I would make is to add some literacy type activities. Otherwise this book is just perfect and we are lucky to have it.
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