The Wonders of Nature
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The Wonders of Nature


The Wonders of Nature Reviews | Toppsta

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Uncover fascinating stories about the natural world with this nature book for kids aged 6-8.

The world is filled with curious objects such as amazing rocks and minerals, microscopic life, plants, animals and more. The Wonders of Nature is a beautiful nature encyclopedia for young readers to explore, with pages packed with fascinating information showcasing a collection of 100 remarkable items from the natural world, from orchids to opals and lichens to lizards and so much more! Each plant, animal, and rock is shown both photographically and illustrated, and children will love poring over the detailed close-up images.

Find out how the prowling jaguar uses spots to avoid being spotted, why a sticky sundew means big trouble for insects, and what a radiolarian is. The Wonders of Nature takes you on a tour of our planet through commonplace-but-incredible objects made by nature itself.

This nature book for children features:

- 100 minerals, plants, and animals through photographs and illustrations.
- Fun facts that provide key information on the natural world.
- A gold foil cover and metallic gold edges, making this a giftable book for nature enthusiasts.

This nature anthology combines engaging storybook-style descriptions and simple text that sheds a light on the wonders of nature and wildlife. Ideal for inquisitive children aged 6-8 who love to spot things when exploring outside, this is the book for those who want to know more about the wonderful and mysterious natural world around them.

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The Wonders of Nature is part of the beautiful and informative Anthology series. Complete the series and nurture your child's curiosity as they explore the natural world with Nature's Treasures or let them walk with the dinosaurs who ruled the earth before them in Dinosaurs and other Prehistoric Life.

The Wonders of Nature Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 3 in the DK Children's Anthologies Series. See all DK Children's Anthologies books here.


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