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Ocean - Uncovered: From the sunlight zone to the darkest depths


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Splash with the Stickmen at the sea's surface then sink down through the darkening zones to the black abyss - where boiling hot vents support amazing life forms. And you still haven't reached the bottom...
Snorkel around coral gardens
Find creatures that make their own light
Explore the seabed and meet the giant squid
Dive 11 km 7 miles down to the deepest trench
The Stickmen bring you up close to the Ocean's mightiest - and strangest - creatures as you swim past humpback whales cucumbers that walk shiny sharks and jelly-like blobfish. Can't take any more pressure That's OK jump in a submersible

Ocean - Uncovered: From the sunlight zone to the darkest depths Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 4 in the Stickmen's Guide To Series. See all Stickmen's Guide To books here.

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