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Catherine Chambers

Catherine Chambers

  • 5 stars across 122 books
Catherine Chambers was born in Adelaide, Australia, and was brought up in the UK. She has written about 120 books for children and young adults on all kinds of subjects, including history, biographies, science and the arts.
14th August 2003


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1st July 2009

Egyptian Treasures: Age 8-9, Average Readers

The White Wolves brand is known for providing engaging books that children want to pick up, at a range of different read... MoreEgyptian Treasures: Age 8-9, Average Readers

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1st March 2008

Dinosaur Hunters

Every budding young palaeontologist will want to join the hunt to discover the ferocious rulers of the prehistoric world... MoreDinosaur Hunters

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1st January 2009

Chinese New Year

Kung hay fat Choy means 'may you prosper' and is a greeting heard often during Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year, somet... MoreChinese New Year

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30th January 2014

Dilma Rousseff

What makes Dilma Rousseff extraordinary? Read this book to find out. We explore her early years, including her developin... MoreDilma Rousseff

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30th January 2014

Extraordinary Women Pack A of 6

What makes some famous women extraordinary? Read this series to find out. Each title explores a respected female figure'... MoreExtraordinary Women Pack A of 6

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11th September 2014

Polar Scientist

Find out what's involved in becoming a polar scientist from a top researcher in the field. You'll find out about the sci... MorePolar Scientist

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10th October 2013

American Indian Stories and Legends

The world's myths are filled with characters, creatures, and stories that have fascinated people for thousands of years.... MoreAmerican Indian Stories and Legends

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8th October 2015

Autobiographies You Never Thought You'd Read! Pack A of 4

Each book in this series presents a fun "autobiography" of a popular mythical character. Amusingly illustrated and with ... MoreAutobiographies You Never Thought You'd Read! Pack A of 4

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3rd July 2014

Mars Rover Driver

No one has yet visited Mars - at least, no humans have. Robot rovers have explored the surface of the Red Planet, and it... MoreMars Rover Driver

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