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The Unwanted Puppy


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Abandoned, lost, neglected? There's always a home at Animal Magic!

In a perfect world there'd be no need for Animal Magic Rescue Centre. But Eva and Karl Harrison, who live at the centre with their parents, know that life isn't perfect. Every day there's a new arrival in need of their help.

When Eva finds Honey, a beautiful golden retriever puppy, dumped on the doorstep of Animal Magic, she's desperate to find the lovable young dog a new home. But Karl has other ideas ... he thinks he might have uncovered a clue leading to Honey's real owner!

Heart-warming animal stories, perfect for fans of Holly Webb and Magical Animal Friends.

The Unwanted Puppy Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 1 in the Animal Rescue Series. See all Animal Rescue books here.

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1st June '16
little walton read it themselves aged 5 aged 5
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
5 stars
Keira loved reading this book bit more pages then what she is used to so we read a chaper a day.
30th March '16
Wardso1 read it themselves aged 7 aged 7
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
5 stars
This book is about a family that owns a rescue centre for Animals. The family care for all the animals. Then a puppy called Honey is left at the rescue centre. Eva and Karl, the children in the book become detectives to look for Honey's owners. 
My favourite part of the book was the very end, but I can't tell you about that as it  would give away the story. My favourite character  in the book was Eva. I liked her because she was caring and a great detective. 
I am giving this book 10/10 because I'm a puppy lover and I loved reading about what happened to Honey, the puppy in the book.I recommend this book for people that like puppies and happy endings. 
29th January '17
Macy read it themselves aged 5 aged 5
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
5 stars
Lovely animal based book, read along with my daughter Macy who is 5 years old and she enjoyed it immensely.  Would highly recommend.
23rd May '16
I read it to owen aged 10 aged 10 , to jamie aged 6 aged 6 & to bradley aged 4 aged 4
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
4 stars
Jamie is obsessed with dogs, so I thought this would be a great choice of book. It's about a family that own an animal rescue centre and trying to find out why a puppy called Honey had been left there. This was the boys' bed time story over 3 nights. I found that my 10 year old enjoyed it more. Jamie (age 6) seemed to lose interest . I think maybe there are too many character names and he got a little lost. This is probably better for children a little older, as I say my 10 year old liked it and was even asking me to read a little further as he wanted to find out the ending
2nd August '16
I read it to Lucy aged 10 aged 10
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
4 stars
This book really helped my dyslexic daughter to read independently. We started off reading a chapter each but she was soon hooked in the story & completed it herself. It was a lovely, gentle story ideal for any animal-lovers out there. 
29th April '16
I read it to Christopher_Thor aged 5 aged 5
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
4 stars
We're slowly getting into this book as our eldest has just turned 5 so he's at the bottom range of the suggested ages and not yet able to read many words on his own. We do enjoy the story and it's a lovely book but perhaps better suited for a bit older children than those who are 5 - I'm sure we'll get more and more out of the book in the few months to come when our little reader has improved his skills :) 
12th April '16
swalker read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
4 stars
i like reading animal rescue books when my grandma bought me the rcpca set for christmas last year. this book is great to add to my collection and i really enjoyed reading it too, i love it when animal stories have a happy ending. id love a pet dog...maybe when im older and can take good care of one myself. i found this book really easy to read and really enjoyed it.
14th August '16
I read it to Doggy woof aged 6 aged 6
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
4 stars
We love all things doggy. A really sweet story sad in places but all works out in the end. Enjoyable to read aloud to my 6 year old daughter a chapter each evening. She loved it! 
3rd December '17
Bee read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
The Unwanted Puppy 9781847156792
1 stars
:c thought this book was good, but not the usual Tina Nolan standard. I thought this book was quite boring.
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Tina Nolan is the pen name of Jenny Oldfield, creator of HOME FARM TWINS and contributor to the ANIMAL ARK series. She has written numerous best-selling books for children, and has a love and knowledge of animals that makes her the perfect author for ANIMAL RESCUE! Jenny lives in Ilkley, West Yorkshire....

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