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The Freaks are a band of misfits, trapped in a nightly Victorian
sideshow. There's Wolf-girl, Sheba, with her amazing sense of smell;
Sister Moon, who can move at the speed of light; and Monkey Boy,
ace climber and human stink bomb. But during the day, the Freaks
decide to put their extraordinary talents to use.
And in a world of child-snatchers, grave robbers and dastardly doctors,
they solve the mysteries no one else cares about . including
why London's poorest children are being snatched from the banks
of the Thames.

Freaks Reviews | Toppsta


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Kieran Larwood has been passionate about stories and storytelling ever since he first read The Hobbit aged six. He graduated from Southampton University with a degree in English Literature and now works as a Reception teacher in a primary school. He lives on the Isle of Wight with his family, and between work, fatherhood and writing, doesn't get nearly enoug

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