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Foxes do it...rabbits do it...Even Daddy Bear does it! Little children won't be able to resist pressing the buttons to make all the sounds in this hilarious book! Little Bear meets all the animals in the forest and discovers that sometimes, everyone has a noisy bottom...including himself!

Noisy Bottoms Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 22 in the Noisy Books Series. See all Noisy Books books here.

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20th September '16
Nancybellbookworm read it themselves aged 9 aged 9
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars
Noisy bottoms is very funny!!! I read it to my brother every morning and every night. It makes funny trump noises and all of little bears friends keep farting and little bear KEEPS saying " I would never do that." But would he...........!!
24th March '17
I read it myself (an adult) , to joshgok aged 6 aged 6 & to JakeGOK aged 4 aged 4
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars
Super dooper fantastic sounds book!! Yep, you guessed it, the sounds are FART sounds, all sorts of fart sounds! Whats not to love? The story is short and simple, and although there isn't specific guidelines on when to exactly push the button, it doesn't really matter when the button is pushed.

The story follows Little Bear and Daddy Bear on their walk in the woods, along the way they hear other animals fart! Little Bear is not impressed, and expresses his dismay at the farts, but guess what....Little Bear farts too!!

Lots of fun and giggles can be had with this story.

BUYER BEWARE....carry the book carefully otherwise you'll accidentally press the fart buttons which does make people turn around in Waterstones to look at who dealt it....!
23rd October '18
I read it to Munchkins babies aged Under 1 to 2
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars
The babies in our baby room love pressing the buttons and listen to the wide variety of funny noises! The illustrations in the book make me giggle!
We enjoyed following little bear as he learned all about the noises different bottoms make 
13th October '17
JasperM555 read it themselves aged 2 aged 2
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars

in our house, farts are hilarious - and this book is a great addition to the book collection!! has caused hours of hilarity and is one Jasper and his dad reach for time and time again! 
20th November '16
I read it to beardy aged 3 aged 3
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars
This was the first usborne musical books i brought for my son and he has loved it and still likes it even now after having it for 2 years.
Is a great and funny read and son likes to push the bottoms buttons and I read to him :)
Have since brought more usbirne musical books and am sure will buy many more yet too.
Would even recommend for a present also!!
6th February '16
Train boy read it themselves aged 4 aged 4
Noisy Bottoms 9781409551430
5 stars
This book cannot fail to be a hit, especially for my two boys who erupt in fits of laughter at the bottom sounds from this book.

Sometimes, the book even gets hidden, and much like a whoppee cushion, as you sit down, one of our children will push the sound bottoms and accuse you of making a rude noise. It is a book that we have owned since the boys were 1, but they are not really growing out of it - my husband isn't either.

The illustrations are bold and bright. The book is exceptionally high quality - as Usbourne always are -  and the board book pages make it very durable. It is also a good message that wind happens, everybody makes bottom noises, but an apology is usually a good idea!

Thoroughly recommend!
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