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A fun, swashbuckling adventure. Ben arrives at pirate school ready and raring to learn all about how to be the best pirate he can be! But instead of lessons in walking the plank, cutlass-swinging and singing sea shanties, the Headmistress seems more focused on teaching business and economics. Ben can't have that! With the help of comrade-in-arms Short John Silver, an uprising is planned...High quality cream paper and easy to read special font ensure a smooth read for all.

Skulduggery Reviews | Toppsta


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6th November '16
I read it to Train boy aged 5 aged 5
Skulduggery 9781781124086
1 stars
There are some good books in the Little Gems Dyslexic friendly series - but this isn't the finest book of the lot.

It's produced well and the illustrations by Jamie Smith are very nice and appealing. However, the story is quite flat and the ending is a little weak.  Also, for dyslexic readers there were some tricky decoding words in there at times, which I thought could be challenging to dyslexic readers. Also, the pirate speak wasn't always easy to read, which I felt could knock the confidence of an emerging reader.
However, mostly the story was just a little bit dull (I got a bit bored reading it to be honest!).
It wouldn't be one I'd recommend.
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