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"My name is Book and I'll tell you the story of my life." Non fiction like you've never read it before!

Quirky and humorous, part poetry, part reflection, this is the story of the book told by none other than Book himself! This extraordinary character begins by reminding us of his origins in oral story and clay tablets, then ponders on papyrus, parchment and paper, and on being a scroll who finally gets a spine. We see him lovingly illuminated by monks in medieval monasteries, then witness the massive changes brought about by the invention of the printing press, and the coming of paperbacks and e-books in the 20th century. But Book's not a straightforwardly chronological chap; he can't help musing - and his musings, whether they're on the evolution of the alphabet, libraries, book-burning or blurbs, are delightful and thought-provoking. Years of reflection and observation have gone into this charming title - John Agard signed the contract with Walker 16 years ago!

Book: My Autobiography Reviews | Toppsta


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3rd July '15
I read it myself (an adult)
Book: My Autobiography 9780744544787
3 stars
When I received this book I'd thought it would be a fiction book with Book being the narrator. It is in fact more of a non fiction book, told in the form of a narrative from Book's point of view. Essentially the book is about the history of how books were created. From clay tablets, papyrus, the printing press to e books. It's an interesting idea, and I could see older children (aged 10+) engaging in this form of text. It's quite short too, only took me 30 minutes to read. All in all, not a bad book if you want to know the history of books around the world.
17th March '15
Read to a child aged 6
Book: My Autobiography 9780744544787
3 stars
This book mixes stories and information. You are shown the world from books eyes. It tells you all about the changes in the way the written word has been recorded. It emphasises the importance of books and reading(which is great). The black and white illustrations are good. Book described a time before written word then times when writing was on clay, and then the creation of the alphabet. It explains the role it had in history. It ends with now looking at the e book. This book looks back to the way the written word has changed. I read this to my son it was a bit hard for him to read himself, it was very interesting but probably more for me! I think this book is suited more for 10 years plus
12th February '18
Patty cakes read it themselves aged 14 aged 14
Book: My Autobiography 9780744544787
3 stars
Dairy style book, with lovely colors and patterns
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