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Children need to add lots of words to their spoken vocabularly. This illustrated look-and-talk book will provide them with plenty of opportunities to do so. It contains one thousand pictures of things to eat, along with their names. Each double-page spread shows an array of fruits, vegetables, cheeses, breads, and more.

1000 Things to Eat Reviews | Toppsta


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This is Book 3 in the 1000 Pictures Series. See all 1000 Pictures books here.

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7th June '15
I read it to JessicaLee aged 2 aged 2
1000 Things to Eat 9781409582540
5 stars
This is a nice solid book (ideal with Jess!) - it's hard-backed, and although the pages aren't what I would describe as board, they're much thicker than paper.    There are sections for lots of different types of food - including home baking,spices, the fishmonger, the coffee shop, Spanish restaurant, street food and desserts & cakes, and each page is packed with loads of fantastic pictures of food.      Jess loves looking at the different foods and naming them - she particularly loves the cake page and the fishmonger (no idea why, as the closest we get to lobster is fish fingers!!).    I'm also finding it educational - lots of things I'd never heard of, and others I wouldn't have been able to identify!!    We really enjoyed this book when it arrived (thanks, Usborne and Toppsta!), and are returning to it often and finding more things each time that Jess can name.
7th October '15
Read to children aged Under 1 & 2
1000 Things to Eat 9781409582540
5 stars
This is a non fiction book which covers different categories of food. It's excellent for finding out about new foods. We found fruits in it which Nanna had eaten in holiday in Bali so it was excellent for broadening horizons.
17th June '15
I read it to Bob1 aged 5 aged 5 & to Bob2 aged 3 aged 3
1000 Things to Eat 9781409582540
5 stars
Both children loved looking at the beautiful illustrations in this non fiction book. There are 31 pages packed with a variety of foods. Fir example pages on breakfast, store cupboard, coffee shop, Chinese resturant, out for lunch, festivals and celebrations foods. Plenty to talk about! Both my children liked looking at the foods and spotting what foods we ate at home. The book also prompted the kids to ask questions such as 'what food is that?', 'where does the food cone from?', 'how do you cook that?', 'can we find that in tje shop?', and most importantly, 'can we try that?'. It's a really good book, and I'd recommend it for both boys and girls of any age.
28th August '15
Read to children aged 2 & 4
1000 Things to Eat 9781409582540
4 stars
This book is fab for picky eaters! My second son is monstrous at mealtimes and I was looking for a book about food to try and break down any barriers. He wasn't very receptive to it at 21 months, but now at 26 months he's far more into it! I think that's down to general development. The illustrations seem quite adult in a way, which is great as they are very realistic but small children may not enjoy them so much. I'm very grateful for the book!
30th January '18
I read it myself (an adult) & to samy aged 10 aged 10
1000 Things to Eat 9781409582540
3 stars
A must for foodies makes your mouth water
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