Best New Children's Books November 2018


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Best New Children's Books November 2018
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Wundersmith: The Calling of Morrigan Crow

This is the long-awaited sequel to Nevermoor by Jessica Townsend, described by one of our reviewers as " good I couldn't put it down".

Imagination, discovery and friendship await Morrigan Crow when she escapes her deadly curse and joins the Wundrous Society. It promises her protection and belonging for life - but then Morrigan doesn't receive the welcome she hoped for...

Morrigan is a much-feared Wundersmith. So, instead of the Society helping Morrigan to embrace her power, she is only taught that all Wundersmiths are evil and she must suppress her mysterious ability at all costs.

To make things worse, Nevermoor is quickly turning from a place of safety into one of danger. Society members are going missing, someone is blackmailing Morrigan's new friends, turning them against her. And Ezra Squall, the evillest man who ever lived, is determined to lure Morrigan from the Society by promising to reveal the true nature of the Wunder that calls to her, which is becoming ever harder to resist...

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Hamish and the Terrible Terrible Christmas and Other Stories

'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!' Frank Cottrell Boyce on Hamish and the WorldStoppers

These are three hilarious, festive short stories featuring Hamish Ellerby and his pals, written by Danny Wallace and illustrated by Jamie Littler. 

The important task of saving the world doesn't stop just because it's Christmas, so get ready for Can Hamish stop a whole hoard of rampaging Terribles hoping to ruin Christmas? How will Elliot deal with a sneaky sweet salesmen determined to give Starkley a sugar-crash to remember? And, what will Alice do when faced with an unexpected Christmas Eve visitor? Tis the season to be jolly, but will this turn out to be a TERRIBLE Christmas for Starkley?  

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That's not my llama...

Meet five adorable llamas in this exciting addition to the much-loved That's not my... series by Fiona Watt and Rachel Wells. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches as they meet llamas with tufty fur, shiny hooves and fuzzy noses. The bright pictures and textures to stroke are designed to help develop sensory and language awareness.

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Dog Diaries: Happy Howlidays!

Our reviewers LOVED book one in this series, Dog Diaries, with one reviewer saying "I read this lovely story to my 6 year old daughter. She loves dog and found this book really funny. She couldn’t wait for bedtime so that we read the next chapters." 

And we love this story written from a dog's perspective with plenty of illustrations. It's perfect for that stage when children are ready for something longer than a picture book. 

Hello, my furless friend!

Are you ready for a festive adventure?

Join me, Junior Catch-A-Doggy-Bone, and my doggy pals on the poochiest, most barktastic journey through the Howliday Season.

We'll learn all about Fangs Giving, Crisp-Mouth and the mysterious Saint Lick.

Find out why people called Carol come and sing outside the front door.

And why trees suddenly appear inside your kennel!


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