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Activity Books for a Rainy Day


When it's raining outside it's not always easy to keep the kids entertained. Here are some brilliant activity books to keep the kids busy until the sun comes out again.

Activity Books for a Rainy Day
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The Round the World Quiz Book

Can you take on the world? Challenge family and friends to more than 500 tricky and fascinating questions about our amazing world.

"What a fantastic book which really involves all ages.  My 5 year old was so pleased to be able to answer some of the easier questions and some of the facts were fascinating.  Definitely a book we will keep referring to over time and very highly recommended for all members of the family, young and old!" (I read it to Ragdollkhanbaby aged 5)

"SO MANY FACTS!! My (almost) 7 year old absolutely loved testing us on the questions and facts in this book.  He has already learnt a lot, and has found it really interesting and enjoyable.  I like the layout inside the book (although it took us a little while to find the answers sections, but don't worry, they are there!) and I think the picture to text ratio is great." (joshgok read it aged 6)

"This book is fab - really colourful and jammed packed with questions and quizzes.  What's particularly good is that the questions and activities are split into 3 levels newbie, rookie and genius.  Even my 5 year old can do some of the newbie tasks whereas the genius questions had the adults scratching their heads in some instances." (I read it to LucasChops aged 5)

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The Book of Me

Are you ready for another EPIC book from the winner of the Blue Peter Book Award 2016 (Best Book with Facts)? If you ran your school, what would the rules be? Would you rather talk to animals, or speak every language in the world? How fast can you run? Answer these questions and much more, with real life comparisons 

"My little boy hasn't put this book down since he got it! Safe to say he is more than happy. The activities in the book are brilliant, Harley has loved asking me questions to figure out if I'm a 'cool mum' and yes I was!!" (Hsmith read it aged 7)

"Highly recommend this book. Since getting it my son has looked at it every day. He loves the activities and quizzes for all the family. He also loves the fact he can write in it. There are some interesting facts too". (Harry04 read it aged 9)

"My son has thoroughly enjoyed this activity book. There are lots of things to do in it: from working out what is the equivalent weight of my handbag (My son wrote a 'brick'.) to ticking the activities that you can do (swimming strokes, forward rolls etc) to colouring in your favourite ice cream. Great fun. We would both recommend it. (rsa read it aged 7)

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Backyard Explorer

The best adventures start at home! Scribble, jot and draw in this brilliant fill-in journal, Backyard Explorer is filled with fun things to make, do and find, to discover the exciting world beyond kids’ front door!

"My class loved this book!!! We have gone through the book together and it has helped with outdoor learning and allowing the children to explore and do many things at home, I love it!!" (I read it to Class 3EM aged 7 to 9)

"The Lonely Planets Kids series is outstanding, and I have yet to see a book from it that is not excellent. This one is no exception, and does not disappoint. What makes this different from other books in the series is that instead of teaching about countries around the world, it focuses on what you can find right on your doorstep." (I read it to Bobbin aged 9)

"I love this book.
It is absolutely amazing.
it will keep me entertained for months maybe years.
There is loads to fill in and is really enjoyable." (Junayd read it aged 8)

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My First Creativity on the Go - Dinosaurs

Pick up your pens and get ready for pages and pages of fearsome dinosaur fun!

"A great book for both my kids who love dinosaurs. Plenty to do. colouring, stickers over 200!), puzzles etc. It's very easy to read and colourful. A great book for on the go and counting." (I read it to BellaCam aged 5 & to LeoCam aged 2)

"Love this fantastic creativity book. This book is a brilliant activity book and my son loves it - will definitely be keeping an eye out for the otherbooks in this range." (I read it to Charlie aged 3)

"This is a fab book. My daughter is 3 and there is plenty for her to puzzle through with a little assistance. It would be a great one for an older child to do independently. She loved all the stickers in the back and it kept her busy for ages! There is quite a range of different puzzles to do, and crafts like a dinosaur mask which she loved making." (I read it to Squirt aged 3)

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26th May 2017

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