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Sibeal Pounder

  • 5 stars across 14 books
    Sibeal Pounder used to work for the Financial Times, where she researched the How To Spend It section and wrote the For Goodness' Sake column - interviewing everyone from Veronica Etro to Vivienne Westwood. Now she writes about fabulous witches and bad mermaids in her two much loved series for Bloomsbury. Sibeal's first book, Witch Wars, was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2016.

    Laura Ellen Anderson is a professional children's book author and illustrator with an increasing addiction to coffee (that is, when she's not trying to take over the world or fighting sock-stealing monsters). She spends every waking hour creating and drawing and would quite like to live on the moon when humans finally make it possible.


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    28th October 2021

    Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas

    DON'T MISS! An extra jolly bonus story inside! "I absolutely ADORED it! A really funny, clever, brilliant play on all t... More

    (50 reviews)
    12th March 2015

    Witch Wars

    Join Tiga on her quest to win Witch Wars and become Top Witch of Ritzy City When Fran the Fabulous Fairy turns up in Ti... More

    (26 reviews)
    28th February 2019

    Bad Mermaids Meet the Witches: World Book Day 2019

    Once every one hundred years, the mermaids of the Hidden Lagoon and the witches of Sinkville get together for a party! T... More

    (19 reviews)
    1st June 2017

    Bad Mermaids

    Mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda are enjoying a summer on land with legs when they receive a strange CRABAGRAM ordering ... More

    (17 reviews)
    3rd October 2019

    Beyond Platform 13

    Discover why the secrets are escaping in this fun, magical adventure by Sib e al Pounder, beautifully illustra... More

    (13 reviews)
    14th June 2018

    Bad Mermaids: On the Rocks

    Mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda, along with Steve the talking seahorse, are trapped aboard the spooky ship the Merry ... More

    (5 reviews)
    5th October 2017

    Witch Snitch: The Inside Scoop on the Witches of Ritzy City

    Your favourite Witch Wars witches (and Fran the fairy!) are back to take you behind the scenes in this brilliant compani... More

    (4 reviews)
    6th October 2016

    Witch Glitch

    The Witch Wars witches are ready for their fourth adventure - complete with fashionable spells and unnecessary glitter! ... More

    (3 reviews)
    27th June 2019

    Bad Mermaids: On Thin Ice

    In the kingdom of Frostopia, mermaids Beattie, Mimi and Zelda have come to the aid of Maritza Mist, a famous water witch... More

    (3 reviews)
    8th October 2015

    Witch Switch

    The Witch Wars witches are back! Tiga Whicabim is settling in to the witchy, glitzy world of Ritzy City. Peggy is Top W... More

    (2 reviews)
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