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Serena Patel

  • 5 stars across 9 books
Serena Patel is a part-time law firm training co-ordinator and mum of two. She was shortlisted for the Asian Writer Short Story Prize in 2017 and was a finalist in the Undiscovered Voices Anthology in 2018. She is also a member of the Golden Egg Academy and SCWBI.
5th March 2020

Anisha, Accidental Detective

"Perfect for younger detectives. So funny and clever and sweet." Robin StevensWinner of the Sainsbury's Children's Book ... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective

(41 reviews) Review
3rd September 2020

Anisha, Accidental Detective: School's Cancelled

"An absolute joy from start to finish!" Jennifer Killick on Anisha, Accidental Detective "I've been working sooo hard wi... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: School's Cancelled

(35 reviews) Review
28th October 2021

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers

The school show must go on, in the fourth hilarious mystery in the award-winning Anisha, Accidental Detective series!JUS... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: Show Stoppers

(16 reviews) Review
8th July 2021

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble

Pack your bags, we're going on a road trip, in the third hilarious mystery in the award-winning Anisha, Accidental Detec... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: Granny Trouble

(8 reviews) Review
1st February 2024

Test Trouble

Try as he might, Arun simply cannot wriggle his way out of taking the maths test at school. Instead, he mus... MoreTest Trouble

(6 reviews) Review
7th July 2022

Picture Perfect

A quest for screen-free family time leads to camping chaos in this hilarious and heartwarming comedy from the author of ... MorePicture Perfect

(4 reviews) Review
31st March 2022

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Holiday Adventure

Winner of The Week Junior Book Awards Children's Book of the Year: Younger FictionThe Mistrys are off on holiday, in the... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: Holiday Adventure

(2 reviews) Review
15th September 2022

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Fright Night

There's a spooky mystery at school, in the sixth hilarious case in the award-winning Anisha, Accidental Detective series... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: Fright Night

(2 reviews) Review
3rd August 2023

Anisha, Accidental Detective: Beach Disaster

There's sabotage on the school trip, in the seventh hilarious case in the award-winning Anisha, Accidental Detective ser... MoreAnisha, Accidental Detective: Beach Disaster

(1 review) Review
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  • Test Trouble

    Test Trouble

    I really enjoyed this story! I liked Arun because I found him very relatable. I liked that he tried his best and was resilient even though he was nerv...

  • Test Trouble

    Test Trouble

    by Wilsy

    I liked this book as Arun reminded me of myself. He doesn't like tests and tries to think of ways to get out of them. It has great illustrations and a...

  • Test Trouble

    Test Trouble

    I have fears about tests too and this story was so helpful in helping me face them. I was interested to hear that the grandfather was an activist and...

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