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Rupert Matthews

Rupert Matthews

  • 4 stars across 31 books
Rupert Matthews, is an experienced writer and editor of children's books, and specializes in works on history.
21st July 2016

50 Things You Should Know About the Tudors

Covering the 118 year period of Tudor rule, from 1485 until 1603, this book explores the ... More50 Things You Should Know About the Tudors

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1st July 2016

Knights and Castles: Explore Amazing Castles!

Read about impressive castles and famous medieval knights! Investigate the defences and life in the greatest medieval ca... MoreKnights and Castles: Explore Amazing Castles!

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8th September 2016

Fearless Warriors: Samurai

The commander of the samurai raises his fan and waves it left, right and then straight ahead. A huge cheer goes up. Th... MoreFearless Warriors: Samurai

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14th March 2013

World's Weirdest Dinosaurs

This fun, interesting book introduces readers to some of the weirdest dinosaurs that ever walked the Earth.... MoreWorld's Weirdest Dinosaurs

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26th March 2014


Uncover the deadliest of Dinosaurs in this action-packed book and poster pack. You'll come across astounding dinosaur fa... MoreDinopedia

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1st November 2011


Delve into the amazing world of the rainforest - find out about the jungles of the world, the bears, birds and beasts th... MoreRainforest

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1st February 2008

100 Facts - Prehistoric Life

100 Facts Prehistoric Life covers key topics about creatures that lived millions of years ago in interesting numbered ... More100 Facts - Prehistoric Life

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1st January 2014

100 Facts Arms & Armour

100 Facts Arms and Armour is bursting with exactly 100 amazing facts, fascinating images and fun activities to help ch... More100 Facts Arms & Armour

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18th July 2019

D160 Wild About Dinosaurs

Wild About Dinosaurs explores the beginnings of life on Earth and finds out how fish learned to walk on land, how some d... MoreD160 Wild About Dinosaurs

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