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Rosie Greening

  • 5 stars across 100 books

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    • Never Squish a Unicorn!

      Never Squish a Unicorn!

      Make Believe Ideas books are SOOOOO tactile! Never Squish A Unicorn! has a squishy horn that you just HAVE to squish. My daughter, Floss, loved squish...

    • Never Touch a Dragon

      Never Touch a Dragon

      by Ithica

      We cannot get anough of this series! My son is always captivated by the textures and this one has been a particular favourite of his. Each page is bri...

    • Never Touch a Panda!

      Never Touch a Panda!

      by Ithica

      My little reader has loved these book since he was tiny. The different touchy-feely bits are so engaging, as well as being durable for heavy hands! Ea...