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Rosie Greening

  • 5 stars across 41 books

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    • Little Ted's Big Heart

      Little Ted's Big Heart

      This was quite a heartwarming story. We thought it was such a sweet tale. It was all about the teddy bear wanting to show how much he cares for his fr...

    • Never Touch a Dinosaur

      Never Touch a Dinosaur

      by tazzy86

      My toddler loved the way the different dinosaurs felt. This book is very engaging, and there are more in the series to keep little ones interested....

    • See You Later, Alligator

      See You Later, Alligator

      by Jaanu

      I like this book a lot. I chose it when I went to the book shop with my mum. I liked the cover - it looked cool. I like the story, it is about a silly...