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Raymond Briggs

  • 5 stars across 24 books
    Raymond Briggs studied at Wimbledon Art School, the Central School of Art and the Slade. Many of his books are now classics and some - THE SNOWMAN, FATHER CHRISTMAS, FATHER CHRISTMAS GOES ON HOLIDAY and WHEN THE WIND BLOWS - have been made into successful films. Raymond Briggs lives in Sussex.
    13th September 2011

    The Snowman

    One winter's night, a snowman comes to life and an unforgettable adventure begins. Raymond Briggs' favourite classic is ... More

    (21 reviews)
    22nd February 1979

    The Elephant and the Bad Baby

    The Elephant and the Bad Baby is the classic story from Elfrida Vipont and Raymond Briggs. The Elephant takes t... More

    (10 reviews)
    23rd September 2015

    The Snowman and the Snowdog

    The Snowman and The Snowdog is the much-anticipated sequel to The Snowman by Raymond Briggs. This enchantin... More

    (9 reviews)
    5th September 2013

    Father Christmas

    Raymond Briggs, creator of The Snowman - inspiration for The Snowman and The Snowdog - introduces us to a rath... More

    (8 reviews)
    6th October 2016

    The Bear

    One night a great big, white polar comes to stay with Tilly. The bear's got black hooked claws and huge yellow teeth; ... More

    (4 reviews)
    2nd March 2017

    UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age and His Search for Soft Trousers

    Ug and his parents live in the Stone Age. And that means stone blankets, stone cold food, an even colder cave and, worst... More

    (4 reviews)
    25th January 1973

    Jim and the Beanstalk

    A wonderful retelling from Snowman-author Raymond Briggs - Jim and the Beanstalk. A re-telling of the classic c... More

    (3 reviews)
    29th September 1977

    Father Christmas Goes on Holiday

    In this hilarious sequel from Raymond Briggs, author of The Snowman and inspiration for The Snowman and The Snowdo... More

    (2 reviews)
    5th April 2012

    Fungus the Bogeyman

    Life in Bogeydom is full of snot, smells, slime, scum and other unspeakable things, and Bogeymen live under the ground r... More

    (2 reviews)
    18th January 2017

    The Puddle

    (0 reviews)
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