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Nick Ward

  • 5 stars across 43 books
    Sarah Courtauld is a comedy writer, performer and award-winning author of children's books. She is a past graduate of the Royal Court Young Writers Programme and in 2012 she won the Funny Women Comedy Writing Award and the Bafta/Rocliffe New Writing Forum. Find out more about the Wombles at

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    The Night's Realm The Night's Realm

    The Night's Realm

    5th September 2019

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    • Tinyrannosaurus


      ellie mai read this book to daniel 
      they really enjoyed this story and the illustrations were fantastic ...

    • Rumpus in the Night

      Rumpus in the Night

      jamie wakes up and fetches a monter (rumpus) from his dream into his bedroom, jamie and rumpus have lots of fun trying to wear jamie out so rumpus can...

    • A Rumpus in the Night

      A Rumpus in the Night

      Jamie wakes up in the middle of the night after having a scary dream- and he finds a little monster from his dream is in his bedroom! At first Jamie i...