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Nick Arnold

Nick Arnold

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Author Nick Arnold is best known for his Horrible Science series, published by Scholastic. He has always regarded himself as a writer rather than specifically a science writer, and his background is journalism and publishing. Illustrator Allan Sanders studied illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University and the Royal College of Art in London, and has since worked for The Economist, The Guardian, New Scientist, Vodafone and Penguin USA. Contributor location: Nick Arnold lives in London, UK; Allan Sanders lives in the UK.
7th April 2008

Bulging Brains

Reissue with 16 pages of extra material, including an index.... MoreBulging Brains

(2 reviews) Review
2nd January 2014

Disgusting Digestion

HORRIBLE SCIENCE: DISGUSTING DIGESTION is full of the stinkiest, smelliest, most gooey and revolting facts about t... MoreDisgusting Digestion

(2 reviews) Review
2nd March 2009

Frightening Light

Science with the squishy bits left in! What stops your eyeballs from falling out? Why can dead bodies make g... MoreFrightening Light

(2 reviews) Review
4th August 2008

Horrible Science: Vicious Veg

This work features science with the squishy bits left in! How do plants suck out the insides of dead insects? Why do sti... MoreHorrible Science: Vicious Veg

(2 reviews) Review
1st May 2014

Shocking Electricity

Horrible Science: Shocking Electricity is packed with sizzling zap-fillied facts to electrify every reader. Childr... MoreShocking Electricity

(2 reviews) Review
1st March 2018

Space, Stars and Slimy Aliens

  HORRIBLE SCIENCE: SPACE, STARS AND SLIMY ALIENS is a bursting space-hopping book of stunning science. ... MoreSpace, Stars and Slimy Aliens

(2 reviews) Review
6th July 2009

Horrible Science: Evil Inventions

"Horrible Science" is getting a make-over! Readers will discover why someone invented the bottom-stabbing bike saddle an... MoreHorrible Science: Evil Inventions

(1 review) Review
1st December 2008

Microscopic Monsters

Science with the squishy bits left in! What makes your guts a brilliant home for bacteria? Which creature l... MoreMicroscopic Monsters

(1 review) Review
4th February 2008

Chemical Chaos

Science with the squishy bits left in! Why aren't glass eyes really made of glass? What would make the wors... MoreChemical Chaos

(1 review) Review
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