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Monica Grady

  • 5 stars across 2 books
    Monica Grady is a professor of planetary and space science at the Open University in the UK, and one of the world's leading meteorite experts. In addition to studying the finer details of these rocks from space that fall to Earth, she is also interested in the broader implications of her findings, and uses her research to learn more about the possibility of life elsewhere in the universe.
    1st April 2007

    Stardust from Space

    Look up at the night sky, away from city lights, and watch as the stars appear. These pinpricks of light are giant balls... More

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    1st October 2002


    The second edition of this popular book introduces meteorites, what they are, where they come from and what they can tel... More

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    • Stardust from Space

      Stardust from Space

      This was a really interesting book that we both learnt lots from. It is all about stardust, how stars and planets and moons are made, what meteorites...