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Mauro Gatti

  • 5 stars across 4 books
    Scott Emmons worked as a writer for Hallmark Cards for sixteen years, authoring several children's books, before being offered a job at JibJab where he currenly works writing topical humour videos, children's songs and much more.

    Mauro Gatti is currently the Digital Creative Director for StoryBots, a part of JibJab. He has kept alive his passion for drawing, building up a parallel career as an illustrator featured across magazines, adverts, books and apps.

    1st August 2017

    Hugo Makes a Change

    After trying fruits and vegetables for the first time, Hugo discovers the joys of a more balanced diet. The story is tol... More

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    1st March 2018

    Ping vs Pong

    Two edamame beans dream of becoming world table tennis champions. They train night and day until no one is able to defea... More

    (0 reviews)
    6th August 2020

    The Happy Broadcast: How to stay positive, take action, and make the world a better place

    The Happy Broadcast takes readers on a journey around the world to discover phenomenal true stories of everyday people u... More

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