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Mark Skelton

  • 4 stars across 2 books
    Mark Skelton Mark Skelton worked as a civil servant in a Job Centre and then in magazine publishing. The Monkey Pirates was his first book. Mark died in 2008. Ben Redlich Great grandson to Latvian immigrants, Ben Redlich was born in Brisbane, Australia. Much of his childhood was spent doing lots of things requiring subsequent Tetanus shots. When he wasn't doing these things he spent every waking hour doodling on school note pads, which helped him to decide that he wanted to doodle for a living when he grew up. Ben works part time as a church cleaner, whilst also sharing a cluttered unit room with silverfish and dustmites. His website is
    5th January 2009

    The Monkey Pirates

    Aaarrgh! This be a funny book starring many monkeys, much searching for treasure and a man with a huge beard. One night,... More

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    6th July 2009

    It's Them Monkey Pirates Again!

    This be another funny book starring many monkeys, a time-travelling wardrobe and a very rude book fairy - you have bee... More

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    • The Monkey Pirates

      The Monkey Pirates

      A book about monkey's, pirates,time travelling through space and time.... what's not to love?! This is a very silly and very funny book that rattles a...

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