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Maeve Friel

Maeve Friel

  • 5 stars across 23 books
Maeve Friel is the author of Felix on the Move (Leapfrog) and Felicity Floss:Tooth Fairy (Leapfrog Rhyme Time). She has also written the popular Witch-in-Training series for HarperCollins, which has so far been translated into eleven languages. Her short stories have been widely anthologised. Maeve was born in Northern Ireland, lived in England and Italy for many years, and now divides her time between Dublin and a small Spanish village. She has two grown up children.
9th July 2013

Leapfrog: Felix, Puss in Boots

Felix is not a happy cat. He wants to be more like the cat on the TV! But is Felix really cut out for such adventure? ... MoreLeapfrog: Felix, Puss in Boots

(2 reviews) Review
8th October 2015

Witch Switch

_______________ ‘This is a witch story like no other – and it’s a blast!’ – Bookseller ‘Brilliantly magical’ – Tom Flet... MoreWitch Switch

(2 reviews) Review
2nd May 2019

Moonlight Mischief

Do you believe in magic? Sita and her friends do! And when they meet the Star Animals, a whole world of adventure unfol... MoreMoonlight Mischief

(2 reviews) Review
3rd September 2007

Tiger Lily: A Heroine in the Making

Tiger Lily is not just fond of reading, she's obsessed! Her head is full-to-bursting with stories of pirates, wonderland... MoreTiger Lily: A Heroine in the Making

(1 review) Review
2nd October 2006

The Broomstick Collection: Books 1-4

Join Jessica, everyone's favourite witch-in-training, for four sparkling stories in one magical book. On... MoreThe Broomstick Collection: Books 1-4

(0 reviews) Review
31st October 2002

Flying Lessons

In 1937 — the summer that Amelia Earhart disappears — 13-year-old LaMarr’s flamboyant mother, Charmaine, flies off with ... MoreFlying Lessons

(0 reviews) Review
1st August 2009

Tiger Lily a Heroine for All Seasons!

It's autumn, it's blowing a gale and a stranger has appeared in the village who's rumoured to be looking at locations fo... MoreTiger Lily a Heroine for All Seasons!

(0 reviews) Review
1st November 2004

Broomstick Battles

A fifth magical adventure about everyone’s favourite witch-in-training. Witches and magic, spells and potions…... MoreBroomstick Battles

(0 reviews) Review
5th June 2006

The Last Task

The eighth title in this magical series, fizzing with fun and excitement. Jess is off on a quest to find Dame ... MoreThe Last Task

(0 reviews) Review
1st May 2008

Tiger Lily: A Heroine with a Mission

It's August, there's a heatwave on, and Tiger Lily is feeling the pressure! Rosie, her three-legged greyhound, is runnin... MoreTiger Lily: A Heroine with a Mission

(0 reviews) Review
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  • Leapfrog: Felix, Puss in Boots

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    Moonlight Mischief

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