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Lucy Hawking

Lucy Hawking

  • 5 stars across 14 books
Lucy Hawking is a science educator, bestselling author and the daughter of Professor Stephen Hawking, the world’s most celebrated physicist.

Growing up in a household steeped in science had a huge influence on Stephen Hawking’s children – Lucy, Robert and Timothy Hawking. Their father was a brilliant theoretical physicist who held the position of Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at the University of Cambridge for thirty years. He went on working right up until his death in 2018 and is widely acknowledged to be one of the greatest modern thinkers. Stephen Hawking’s books, including the bestselling A Brief History of Time, continue to sell millions of copies across the globe.

Lucy started her career as a journalist and writer, before finding a niche bringing science to children through storytelling. As Stephen Hawking’s daughter, her passion for explaining complex scientific concepts to young minds was inspired partly by her own experiences hearing her father answer children’s questions about space and science. She started working with leading scientists to write books that were based on real scientific facts and published her first children’s book George's Secret Key to the Universe in 2007.

Co-written with her father, George’s Adventures in Space are all scientifically accurate and told in a way that young readers will understand and love. Alongside her writing, Lucy also tours giving talks about the George series and the importance of engaging young people with science as early as possible, through entertainment such as books, films and games.

The last of Lucy and Stephen Hawking’s children’s books together, Unlocking the Universe, will come out in 2020. The book gathers all the non-fiction content behind the George books and asks questions like: How would it feel to stand beside an erupting volcano? Or take your first step on the surface of the moon? And what would you do if robots took over the world? It collects writing from scientists from all over the world and has facts about genetics, conspiracy theories, climate change and more.

Lucy Hawking’s books are great for children 7+ and are the perfect read for any science or space fan. The books are packed with thrilling adventures alongside the scientific essays in facts in an intriguing mix of fact and fiction.
7th August 2008

George's Secret Key to the Universe

George's pet pig breaks through the fence into the garden next door - introducing him to his new neighbours: the scienti... MoreGeorge's Secret Key to the Universe

(12 reviews) Review
9th January 2020

Unlocking the Universe

Have you ever wondered how our universe began?Or what it takes to put humans on the moon?Do you know what happens in the... MoreUnlocking the Universe

(11 reviews) Review
30th August 2012

George and the Big Bang

Meet George. He's an ordinary boy with an incredible secret - the power to go on intergalactic adventures!Join him as he... MoreGeorge and the Big Bang

(2 reviews) Review
14th April 2022

Princess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather

The brand new series for young readers from bestselling author Lucy Hawking.'The more we find out about the world around... MorePrincess Olivia Investigates: The Wrong Weather

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3rd March 2016

George and the Blue Moon

George and his best friend, Annie have been selected as junior astronauts - part of a programme that trains up young peo... MoreGeorge and the Blue Moon

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1st April 2010

George's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

'We are going,' said Annie, 'on a great cosmic journey. So listen up, Savers of Planet Earth, and prepare to meet the Un... MoreGeorge's Cosmic Treasure Hunt

(1 review) Review
5th June 2014

George and the Unbreakable Code

George and his best friend Annie haven't had any space adventures for a while and they're missing the excitement. But ... MoreGeorge and the Unbreakable Code

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3rd May 2018

George and the Ship of Time

When George finds a way to escape the spacecraft Artemis, where he has been trapped, he is overjoyed. Surely now he can ... MoreGeorge and the Ship of Time

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1st August 2011

George and the Big Bang

Eric is involved with a big experiment in Switzerland, looking to explore the earliest moment of the universe. But, ther... MoreGeorge and the Big Bang

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