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Lucy Brandt

  • 5 stars across 4 books

   Lucy Brandt (Author)  
  Lucy Brandt is a mum of two young kids and lives and works in Brighton. She has worked for nearly twenty years in a variety of traditional and digital marketing roles, largely specialising in technology - she has poured her technological knowledge into the inventions she created for her debut novel Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor.
   Gladys Jose (Illustrator)  
  Gladys Jose is an illustrator and storyteller. She graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2012, where she earned a Bachelors in Fine Arts degree, specializing in graphic design. Gladys is the illustrator of FRESH PRINCESS (HarperCollins, 2019), THE ELEPHANTS HIDE AND SEEK HANDBOOK (Sourcebooks 2020) LEONORA BOLT: SECRET INVENTOR (Puffin 2021) as well as a chapter book series for EPIC! Books.
 Gladys lives in the sunny state of Florida with her husband and daughter.

20th January 2022

Leonora Bolt: Secret Inventor

'Fizzing with fun, friendship and fabulous inventions!' - Maria KuzniarWARNING: EPIC INVENTIONS AND SECRET SOCIETIES AHE... MoreLeonora Bolt: Secret Inventor

(12 reviews) Review
23rd June 2022

Leonora Bolt: Deep Sea Calamity

THE SECOND LAUGH-OUT-LOUD ADVENTURE FOR LEONORA BOLT, SECRET INVENTOR.'Fizzing with fun, friendship and fabulous inventi... MoreLeonora Bolt: Deep Sea Calamity

(4 reviews) Review
20th April 2023

Leonora Bolt: Eco Engineer

Book 3 in the LEONORA BOLT: SECRET INVENTOR seriesLeonora Bolt makes amazing gadgets from any old junk. And her inventio... MoreLeonora Bolt: Eco Engineer

(0 reviews) Review
31st August 2023

Leonora Bolt: The Great Gadget Games

The fourth hilarious book in the brilliant STEM adventure series Leonora Bolt. With glorious illustrations by Gladys Jos... MoreLeonora Bolt: The Great Gadget Games

(0 reviews) Review
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