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Lou Treleaven

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    Lou Treleaven is the author of Professor McQuark and the Oojamaflip, The Snowflake Mistake and Letter to Pluto published by Maverick Arts Publishing.  She loves writing in rhyme and will spend days searching for the right word, often muttering aloud to herself as she walks her dog through the fields in Bedfordshire. She also loves drawing, crafts and writing books, plays and musicals but most of all she loves reading!

    Letter to Pluto has recently been selected as part of a Guided Reading programme for year 3, which will be sold in sets of six along with a teacher book. 

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    • The Snowflake Mistake

      The Snowflake Mistake

      by Sid98

      Very magical and stunning book with illustrations which are very eye catching.

      The snow queen is tough and has high manners and ellie loves to play...

    • Homework on Pluto

      Homework on Pluto

      ‘Homework on Pluto’ takes us back on a space adventure with Jon and Straxi who managed to save the entire planet in ‘Letters to Pluto,‘through the pow...

    • Letter to Pluto

      Letter to Pluto

      by Agurr

      I didn't like this because it was boring because I thought that it was going to be a story not letters. I also think it was based for little kids. It...

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