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Kate Brown

  • 5 stars across 3 books
    Kate Brown is currently a humanities teacher at Institut International de Lancy.
    4th February 2016

    Tamsin and the Deep

    Tamsin knew that she shouldn't have gone into the water. After wiping out on her board, she is dragged down, into the de... More

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    4th January 2018

    Tamsin and the Dark

    Tamsin Thomas is the Last Pellar, destined to keep humanity safe from magical forces. When Tamsin's class visits a disus... More

    (1 review)
    20th July 2008

    How Green is Your Class?: Over 50 Ways your Students Can Make a Difference

    This is a highly topical and practical book that shows teachers how to engage students in on topical issues not just in ... More

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