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Julia Golding read English at Cambridge then joined the Foreign Office and served in Poland. Her work as a diplomat took her from the high point of town twinning in the Tatra Mountains to the low of inspecting the bottom of a Silesian coal mine. On leaving Poland, she exchanged diplomacy for academia and took a doctorate in the literature of the English Romantic Period at Oxford. She then joined Oxfam as a lobbyist on conflict issues, campaigning at the UN and with governments to lessen the impact of conflict on civilians living in war zones. Married with three children, Julia now lives in Oxford. The Diamond of Drury Lane won the Nestle Children's Book Prize 2006 and the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize 2006.
23rd April 2021

Jane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery

'Julia Golding’s Jane Austen Investigates offers a gripping detective story with an abundance of Easter eggs for Austen ... MoreJane Austen Investigates: The Abbey Mystery

(16 reviews) Review
18th September 2020

The Tigers in the Tower

'A Little Princess - with tigers! Orphan and outcast Sahira Clive is a brave and plucky heroine with a brightly burning ... MoreThe Tigers in the Tower

(15 reviews) Review
19th October 2018

The Curious Crime

'In a strange, vast and wonderfully imagined museum, an apprentice sculptor and student scientist must solve a murder. J... MoreThe Curious Crime

(8 reviews) Review
5th May 2016

Mystery & Mayhem

Enthralling children's fiction for everyone who loves Robin Steven's Murder Most Unladylike Mysteries and Frances Hardin... MoreMystery & Mayhem

(5 reviews) Review
4th February 2008

The Diamond of Drury Lane

Julia Golding’s award-winning adventure series is perfect for fans of Philippa Gregory, Katherine Woodfine and Robin Jar... MoreThe Diamond of Drury Lane

(4 reviews) Review
7th August 2006

Cat Among the Pigeons

As gripping as "The Diamond of Drury Lane", this stunning second volume from Julia Golding sees Cat storm a gentleman's ... MoreCat Among the Pigeons

(4 reviews) Review
4th April 2011

Cat's Cradle

Following the multi award-winning "The Diamond of Drury Lane", here we present the sixth volume from our famous feisty h... MoreCat's Cradle

(3 reviews) Review
1st May 2007


Expats, espionage and the exotic setting of Nairobi - here's an adventure-thriller you won't be able to put down. Darcie... MoreRingmaster

(3 reviews) Review
13th September 2014

The Gorgon's Gaze

Magical Mallins Wood is under threat from developers. Unknown to everyone, the wood is the home of the last gorgon, a cr... MoreThe Gorgon's Gaze

(1 review) Review
7th July 2008

Empty Quarter

Expats, espionage and exotic destinations. "Empty Quarter" is gripping - you won't be able to put it down.Darcie's stuck... MoreEmpty Quarter

(1 review) Review
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  • Cat Among the Pigeons

    Cat Among the Pigeons

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    The Diamond of Drury Lane

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