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Joshua Doder is the pseudonym of Josh Lacey, the author of Bearkeeper and the Misfitz Mysteries. He worked as a journalist, a screenwriter and a teacher before writing his first book for children, A Dog Called Grk. He lives in London with his wife and daughter.


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7th May 2020

Hope Jones Saves the World

Shortlisted for the Little Rebels Book Award My name is Hope Jones. I am ten years old. I am going to save the world. ... MoreHope Jones Saves the World

(20 reviews) Review
3rd May 2012

The Dragonsitter

'Dear Uncle Morton. You'd better get on a plane right now and come back here. Your dragon has eaten Jemima.' It had sou... MoreThe Dragonsitter

(17 reviews) Review
7th January 2021

Hope Jones Will Not Eat Meat

You're never too young to make a big difference, as Hope Jones has learned in her fight against plastic pollution. Now s... MoreHope Jones Will Not Eat Meat

(14 reviews) Review
7th February 2019

The Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons

Eddie has travelled with his uncle Morton to Mongolia, in hope of being one of the few to watch the Great Dragon Battle... MoreThe Dragonsitter in the Land of the Dragons

(13 reviews) Review
1st July 2021

Hope Jones Clears the Air

Hope Jones hates cars - they turn the air brown and make everyone sick. Her friend Selma has asthma, and Hope's bogeys a... MoreHope Jones Clears the Air

(12 reviews) Review
1st June 2023

Time Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

Discover two sides of history with the Time Travel Twins! Twins, Scarlett and Tom, are studying the Vikings and Anglo-S... MoreTime Travel Twins: The Viking Attack

(11 reviews) Review
2nd June 2022

The Pet Potato

Albert is so desperate to get a pet, he'll take anything - a cat, a dog, giraffe... he's not fussy, so he's super excite... MoreThe Pet Potato

(10 reviews) Review
1st June 2017

The Dragonsitter Detective

Dear Uncle Morton Are you sitting down? If you're not, you probably should. Because I have some very bad news. Someone ... MoreThe Dragonsitter Detective

(9 reviews) Review
5th April 2018

The Dragonsitter's Surprise

Eddie was given a dragon's egg by his uncle for his last birthday, and one day he notices a crack in the egg. Soon the e... MoreThe Dragonsitter's Surprise

(9 reviews) Review
6th March 2014

The Dragonsitter's Island

Eddie is dragonsitting again, but this time he's looking after Uncle Morton's Scottish island too. And there are some st... MoreThe Dragonsitter's Island

(2 reviews) Review
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