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JonArno Lawson

JonArno Lawson

  • 5 stars across 13 books

Jonarno Lawson is a poet and the author of several books for children. He lives in Toronto, Ontario.

Tina Holdcroft is the author and/or illustrator of more than 40 books for children, including "Spy, Spy Again." She lives in Toronto, Ontario.

7th May 2015

Footpath Flowers

From award-winning poet JonArno Lawson comes a beautifully illustrated wordless picture book - an ode to the importance ... MoreFootpath Flowers

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7th January 2021

Over the Shop

In a beautifully detailed wordless picture book, a tumbledown building becomes home sweet home for a found family. ... MoreOver the Shop

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1st May 2008

A Voweller's Bestiary

[ Lipogram: a composition from which the writer rejects all words that contain a certain letter or letters. ] JonArno La... MoreA Voweller's Bestiary

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1st September 2012

Down in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box

Welcome to the world of JonArno Lawson, where sound rules supreme. It's a bizarre world, where wolves live on the moon, ... MoreDown in the Bottom of the Bottom of the Box

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6th August 2015

Aloud in my Head

New edition of a ground-breaking poetry anthology ( Inside Out ) in which 21 poets each discuss one of their poems... MoreAloud in my Head

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5th July 2012

Old MacDonald Had Her Farm

Old MacDonald had a farm like you've never seen before! With a nod to the familiar refrain E-I-E-I-O, a day on this far... MoreOld MacDonald Had Her Farm

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7th September 2017


'A flea asleep / in the deep green moss / nettled by midges / wakes up cross, / starts to fidget / and turn and toss.' T... MoreLeap!

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28th March 2019

Over the Rooftops;Under the Moon

What happens when a bird doesn't feel like a bird? Alone with himself, even among his flock, a young bird finds... MoreOver the Rooftops;Under the Moon

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25th May 2017

Uncle Holland

From the international best-selling author of Sidewalk Flowers and the illustrator of The King of the Birds ,... MoreUncle Holland

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12th September 2019

The Playgrounds of Babel

From the international best-selling author of Sidewalk Flowers and a world-renowned illustrator, this picture bo... MoreThe Playgrounds of Babel

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