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Jarvis studied graphic design and previously worked as a record sleeve designer, website designer and an animation director before becoming a children's book maker. His books with Walker include Mrs Mole, I'm Home! and Alan's Big, Scary Teeth, which won the 2017 V&A Best Illustrated Book. Jarvis lives in Manchester with his wife and their dog and cat. 
4th February 2016

Alan's Big, Scary Teeth

An alligator who snaps, becomes an alligator who th-naps in this hilarious, heart-warming story of making new friends an... MoreAlan's Big, Scary Teeth

(44 reviews) Review
3rd March 2022

The Boy with Flowers in His Hair

A warm and powerful story that brings to life a pure and poignant friendship that children will never forget.David is th... MoreThe Boy with Flowers in His Hair

(16 reviews) Review
2nd March 2023

Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories

Bear didn’t really like the painting. I mean, look at it. But he liked Bird a lot, and it would remind him of her…Bear a... MoreBear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories

(9 reviews) Review
6th April 2017

Mrs Mole, I'm Home!

Root for Morris the spectacle-wearing mole to find his way home in this laugh-out-loud story from Jarvis, the creator of... MoreMrs Mole, I'm Home!

(7 reviews) Review
7th June 2018

Tropical Terry

Terry wants to stand out. But, in Coral Reef City, it's sometimes better to blend in...Coral Reef City is home to the mo... MoreTropical Terry

(5 reviews) Review
1st August 2019

This Little Piggy: A Counting Book

You’ve heard of the piggy that went to market … but have you heard of the piggy with superpowers?This little piggy went ... MoreThis Little Piggy: A Counting Book

(2 reviews) Review
2nd April 2020

Follow Me, Flo!

We’re off to somewhere new. So stick to me like glue. Follow me, Flo! Come on, let’s go! We’re sure to be there soon…Flo... MoreFollow Me, Flo!

(2 reviews) Review
5th November 2015

Lazy Dave

Dave is a dog. Dave is a dog who loves to sleep all day long. Lilly thinks Dave is the laziest dog in the world! But may... MoreLazy Dave

(1 review) Review
1st August 2019

Mary Had a Little Lamb: A Colours Book

You’ve heard of Mary who had a little lamb … but did you know she had a little tiger, too?Mary had a little lamb, its fl... MoreMary Had a Little Lamb: A Colours Book

(1 review) Review
31st May 2022

Thank You

When someone does something kind, it's important to remember to say "thank you"! Join the animals in this heartwarming ... MoreThank You

(1 review) Review
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