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Jamie Smart

  • 5 stars across 33 books
    Jamie's characters Space Raoul, My Own Genie, Count Von Poo and Fish-Head Steve have all found homes in the pages of The Sunday Times, The Dandy, Toxic comic and The DFC respectively. Jamie is also the current writer and artist of iconic character Desperate Dan in The Dandy. He worked closely with Cartoon Network for six years pushing his characters through show development, along with a more recent stint at Disney doing character design.
    Jamie's first children's book `Find Chaffy' is published by Scholastic books.


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    4th February 2021

    Bunny vs Monkey: The Human Invasion

    This brand new remastered book collects together Bunny vs Monkey 3: The Stench and Bunny vs Monkey 4: The Wobbles for th... More

    (23 reviews)
    2nd July 2020

    Bunny vs Monkey

    This brand new remastered book collects together Bunny vs Monkey 1: Let the Mayhem Begin and Bunny vs Monkey 2: Journey ... More

    (22 reviews)
    6th January 2022

    Bunny vs Monkey and the Supersonic Aye-aye

    Jamie Smart's big-selling comic-book success story continues . . . There's a new animal joining Bunny and the gang. Ai ... More

    (16 reviews)
    3rd May 2018

    Looshkin: The Adventures of the Maddest Cat in the World

    Looshkin is the maddest cat in the world! You may think that your cat is mad, but they've got nothing on Looshkin. Leav... More

    (10 reviews)
    3rd October 2019

    Flember 1: The Secret Book

    A mysterious island. A strange and mystical power called FLEMBER. A boy-inventor called Dev, who uncovers a long forgott... More

    (7 reviews)
    1st October 2020

    Flember: The Crystal Caves

    Boy-inventor DEV and his best friend, BOJA, have found a secret map! So now they're on a mission to find more of the mag... More

    (4 reviews)
    1st July 2021

    Bunny vs Monkey and the League of Doom!

    This brand new remastered book collects together Bunny vs Monkey 5: Destructo and Bunny vs Monkey 6: Apocalypse for the ... More

    (4 reviews)
    6th August 2015

    Bunny vs Monkey 2: Journey to the Centre of the Eurg-th

    Welcome to the Woods! A peaceful home, until...ZAP! ZAAPPP! ZAAAPPPPP!!! It's Monkey in a hovercraft that fires lasers! ... More

    (3 reviews)
    6th July 2017

    Bunny vs Monkey 4: The Wobbles

    A peaceful night-time picnic in the woods. What could go wrong? SPLLUUURRRRPPPPP!! It's Monkey and he's got a robot suit... More

    (3 reviews)
    1st August 2019

    Looshkin: The Big Number 2

    There's nothing predictable about Looshkin - apart from that he will make you giggle uncontrollably! Featuring Danger S... More

    (3 reviews)
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