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Jacqueline Morley

Jacqueline Morley

  • 4 stars across 46 books
1st February 2016

You Wouldn't Want To Be An Anglo-Saxon Peasant!

You’re a farmer’s son living in England in the early 7th century. Your people are descendants of invaders from Northern ... MoreYou Wouldn't Want To Be An Anglo-Saxon Peasant!

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1st September 2007

A Shakespearean Theatre

"A Shakespearean Theatre" is an invaluable guide to an important period in English history. With the use of superb cutaw... MoreA Shakespearean Theatre

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19th February 2015

Make Do and Mend: A Very Peculiar History

Jacqueline Morley explores the story of clothing in a time of crisis. Telling the story of clothes rationing, the Util... MoreMake Do and Mend: A Very Peculiar History

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1st June 2004

Avoid Being A Tudor Colonist!

This work contains amusing illustrations and descriptive text, which provide an interesting insight into the age of expl... MoreAvoid Being A Tudor Colonist!

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1st March 2004

Avoid Becoming An Egyptian Pyramid Builder!

The humorous cartoon-style illustrations and the narrative approach encourage readers to get emotionally involved with t... MoreAvoid Becoming An Egyptian Pyramid Builder!

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1st August 2007

Avoid Being A Sumerian Slave!

You certainly discover more about your country as you move from wealthy households to temples before finally ending up l... MoreAvoid Being A Sumerian Slave!

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1st February 2013

Avoid Meeting Typhoid Mary!

This title in the very popular Danger Zone series explores the life and times of Typhoid Mary. Read about her early begi... MoreAvoid Meeting Typhoid Mary!

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1st February 2010

Avoid Exploring With Marco Polo!

As infamous explorer Marco Polo's sidekick, you can explore exciting new lands and behold magnificent beasts! And all so... MoreAvoid Exploring With Marco Polo!

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