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Jack Tite

  • 5 stars across 2 books
    Jack Tite (Author, Illustrator)
    Jack Tite is a freelance illustrator and motion designer from the Midlands. He graduated from De Montfort University with a First class BA Hons in graphic design and illustration. His work is influenced by vintage and mid-century illustrators, with simplified shapes, gritty textures and a strict colour palette. He is extremely interested in pre-historic wildlife and European/American history, which usually inspire his work. Jack is a dog-lover, food enthusiast, computer nerd, avid drummer and jogger. When he's not glued to his screen he can be found wandering around museums, walking his dogs, or watching documentaries.
    18th October 2018

    Mega Meltdown

    Nearly three million years ago the Ice Age began. Oceans froze, ice sheets covered land and animals, along with humans, ... More

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    23rd January 2020

    Viking Voyagers

    Around 1,200 years ago the legendary voyaging Norsemen set sail to raid and trade - the Viking Age had begun. Step back ... More

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