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Ian Beck

Ian Beck

  • 5 stars across 47 books
Ian Beck is widely published and titles for other publishers include Lost in the Snow, Lost on the Beach, and Home Before Dark.
1st March 2012

Chicken Licken: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

Based on the traditional fairy tale Chicken Licken , this vibrantly illustrated story is sure to become a favourite i... MoreChicken Licken: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

(9 reviews) Review
2nd October 1997

The Owl and the Pussycat

A combination book and audio cassette of Edward Lear's classic nonsense poem.... MoreThe Owl and the Pussycat

(4 reviews) Review
1st September 2010

The Christmas Story

(3 reviews) Review
15th September 2013

The First Third Wish

When a newly - qualified fairy loses the third wish of three she must deliver to a woodcutter, young Dickon finds it. ... MoreThe First Third Wish

(3 reviews) Review
15th July 1993

Five Little Ducks

(2 reviews) Review
5th January 2006

The Teddy Robber

Someone is stealing teddies. But who could it be? Who is the Teddy Robber? When Tom's own teddy is snatched in the dead ... MoreThe Teddy Robber

(1 review) Review
1st September 2008

Lost in the Snow

It's snowing outside and Lily goes out to play. She leaves Teddy sitting on the window legde but all of sudden, whoosh, ... MoreLost in the Snow

(1 review) Review
3rd February 2016

Grey Island, Red Boat

Everything on the Island of Ashes is grey, from the weather to the castle, the grass and the flowers. But then the red b... MoreGrey Island, Red Boat

(1 review) Review
10th August 1995


Tom finds a message in a bottle - from a girl explorer trapped on the Island of Monsters. He sets off to help, flying in... MoreTOM AND THE ISLAND OF DINOSAURS

(1 review) Review
4th April 2019

The Magic Hour

One long, hot summer Lily and Rose are playing out amongst the garden of a large country house, when they spot a strange... MoreThe Magic Hour

(1 review) Review
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  • The First Third Wish

    The First Third Wish

    My daughter has recently stated the Little Gem books and they’ve been fantastic for  her developing independent reading. She has really enjoyed this o...

  • Chicken Licken: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

    Chicken Licken: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

    Read to a group of 2-4 yr olds. They enjoyed the book and thought it was funny and silly. They liked how all the characters names rhymed, like chicken...

  • The Teddy Robber

    The Teddy Robber

    This was sent home as this week's borrowed book from my daughters reception class and she has loved it. A little boy has his Teddy stolen by a giant,...