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Honor Head

Honor Head

  • 5 stars across 116 books
Honor Head is a highly experienced author of books for children.
26th May 2006


Each book in this appealing series focuses on a different type of weather: how weather can affect us and our environment... MoreSun

(4 reviews) Review
5th November 2015


Through stunning photographs and simple text, books in this series introduce children to different types of weather. In ... MoreWind

(4 reviews) Review
12th September 2014

Let's Read and Talk About: Keeping Fit

Find out all about keeping fit from how to get started, what exercise does for the body to how exercise can help you at ... MoreLet's Read and Talk About: Keeping Fit

(1 review) Review
15th January 2015

The Dog Lover's Guide

Why do dogs wag their tails? How should you prepare for a new puppy? How do you train a dog to sit and stay? The Dog Lov... MoreThe Dog Lover's Guide

(1 review) Review
24th August 2021

Magic Magnifying Glass: Mind-Boggling Machines

Use your Magic Magnifying Glass to see inside a whole world of mind-boggling machines in this cutting edge interactive... MoreMagic Magnifying Glass: Mind-Boggling Machines

(1 review) Review
1st August 1999

Move It!

Developed with the cooperation of a science consultant, this book in the Primary Physical Science series is a tool to te... MoreMove It!

(0 reviews) Review
2nd March 2017

Yom Kippur

Learn what Yom Kupper is, and how it is celebrated. Learn about the religion of Judaism, and what Yom Kippur means to it... MoreYom Kippur

(0 reviews) Review
8th February 2007

People Who Help Us: Ambulance Crew

With differential text that supports a wide range of reading abilities, this series introduces the different people who ... MorePeople Who Help Us: Ambulance Crew

(0 reviews) Review
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