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Harry Heape

  • 5 stars across 4 books
    Harry Heape is an artist, a visionary and a very successful none of your businessman. A shy and quiet man, Harry lives and writes in deepest, darkest Hahahahalifax where he spends any spare time that he has playing sweet bassoon music, collecting Crocs, and volunteering at his local monkey prison. He hopes that you like his book.

    Rebecca Bagley is a freelance illustrator and writer, currently based in Bath, England. After graduating with a First Class Honours in Graphic Communication, Rebecca stepped into the world of children's publishing as an assistant designer before turning joining the other side of the fence as a freelance illustrator. She is currently investing a lot of time in learning to like Green tea.
    1st February 2018

    Shiny Pippin and the Broken Forest

    Permit me, lovely readers, to take you on a journey. Firstly though, wherever you are, it is important that you should b... More

    (15 reviews)
    2nd August 2018

    Shiny Pippin and the Monkey Burglars

    Permit me lovely readers to take you back in time. The first thing that I want you to do is to close your eyes and breat... More

    (6 reviews)
    4th July 2019

    Shiny Pippin and the Impossible Door

    Pippin and her little mouse Tony are playing hide and sleep seek in Granny's garden, when Pippin peeps into the garden s... More

    (4 reviews)
    3rd June 2021

    Indiana Bones

    Indiana Bones is a shaggy dog with a difference. He's got superpowers and can sniff out criminals and - with his young f... More

    (0 reviews)
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