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Fleur Hitchcock Biography
When she was eight, Fleur wrote a story about an alien and a jelly. It was called The Alien and the Jelly. She grew up a little, studied English, and, for twenty years, sold Applied Art in the city of Bath. All that time she wrote hundreds of press releases and a few stories, but in the end motherhood won and she retreated from the Art world, only writing when the children were asleep. When her younger child was seven, she embarked on the Writing for Young People MA at Bath Spa.

Between parenting and writing, Fleur works with her husband, a Toymaker, looks after other people’s gardens, and grows vegetables.:

She has written 10 books for children since 2012 when her first novel SHRUNK was published by Hot Key Books and there are plenty more in the pipeline.


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6th October 2016

Murder In Midwinter

Sitting on the top deck of a bus days before Christmas, Maya sees a couple arguing violently in the middle of a crowded ... MoreMurder In Midwinter

(24 reviews) Review
7th March 2019

The Boy Who Flew

A vivid adventure filled with danger and heroism from the author of Murder in Midwinter. Athan Wilde dreams of flight. ... MoreThe Boy Who Flew

(22 reviews) Review
4th May 2017

The Secret Garden: V&A Collector's Edition

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett is a magical novel for adults and children alike. This new hardback is one ... MoreThe Secret Garden: V&A Collector's Edition

(21 reviews) Review
3rd November 2022

Murder At Snowfall

A gripping thriller for readers who like danger and mystery and chills and spills from the comfort of their sofas... Unp... MoreMurder At Snowfall

(18 reviews) Review
13th March 2018

Bus! Stop!

“Bus! Stop!” a boy yells, as his bus pulls away one early morning. He must wait for the next bus. But the next one does ... MoreBus! Stop!

(15 reviews) Review
4th October 2018

Murder At Twilight

Shortlisted for CrimeFest Awards' Best Crime Novel for Children 2019When Viv has a fight with Noah, she doesn't think it... MoreMurder At Twilight

(12 reviews) Review
4th April 2019

Clifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure

For Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh, holidays at their grandparents' cottage mean wild beaches, no curfew, Bella the dog, and... MoreClifftoppers: The Arrowhead Moor Adventure

(11 reviews) Review
4th August 2022

Mouse Heart

This atmospheric thriller, full of daring stunts and sinister villains, is perfect escapism for 9+ readers.Mouse, a foun... MoreMouse Heart

(10 reviews) Review
5th September 2019

Clifftoppers: The Fire Bay Adventure

For Aiden, Chloe, Ava and Josh, holidays at their grandparents' cottage mean wild beaches, no curfew, Bella the dog, and... MoreClifftoppers: The Fire Bay Adventure

(8 reviews) Review
7th February 2013

Dear Scarlett

All this time Scarlett's thought her dad was a thief, but years after his death a strange man turns up at the door and h... MoreDear Scarlett

(5 reviews) Review
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