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Emma Barnes

  • 4 stars across 16 books
Emma was born and raised in Edinburgh. As a child she was a bookworm, and especially liked   historical fiction - maybe that was why she chose to study history at   university. Afterwards she lived and worked in London, Colorado (USA)   and Cambridge, before settling in Leeds in Yorkshire. She still likes to   go to America when she can (especially to California in the winter   months). She is now a full-time author and lives with her husband and   daughter. Emma has won the Rotherham Children's Book Award and was shortlisted for the Branford Boase Award.
1st September 2016

Chloe's Secret Princess Club

Join the Princess Club! When Chloe and her friends start a Secret Princess Club they know they are going to... MoreChloe's Secret Princess Club

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6th July 2017

Chloe's Secret Fairy Godmother Club

Eliza's not sure about the news that she is going to be a big sister, but when her friends Chloe and Aisha say tha... MoreChloe's Secret Fairy Godmother Club

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1st February 2008

The Thief of Bracken Farm

When Farmer Jones's hat, Mrs Jones's scarf, the baby's mittens, the cat's blanket and Ted's homework all disappear, ever... MoreThe Thief of Bracken Farm

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5th June 2014

The Girl from Hard Times Hill

When Megan's father finally returns from Occupied Germany in the years following World War II, she should be pleased - s... MoreThe Girl from Hard Times Hill

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5th February 2015

Wild Thing Goes Camping

The third book in this hilarious new illustrated series. Wild Thing wants to go camping! Not content with making d... MoreWild Thing Goes Camping

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6th February 2014

Wild Thing

She's a demon child She's not meek and mild She's wild! Kate has a problem. It's called Wild Thing. Wild Thing is Kate's... MoreWild Thing

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3rd July 2014

Wild Thing Gets a Dog

She's a demon child She's not meek and mild She's wild! Wild Thing and Kate want a dog. So when Dad's... MoreWild Thing Gets a Dog

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16th July 2012


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